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‘Below Deck’ Recap: Sierra Loses Her Cool After Kyle Pushes Her Patience To The Limit

Recap by guest blogger J.R.

This week’s episode of Below Deck, starts on the morning after Kyle has revealed his drag past to Kate, Ben, and Emily. Not to leave anyone out, he tells his fellow deck crew. He feels comfortable to be able to share his past with them, since he sees how accepting they are with Kate. He tells them he’s not into men, that he’s into transgendered women, and that he’s dating a transgendered woman, Ashley, back at home.

By all means Kyle, you are allowed to date whomever your heart desires, but for someone who was giving Sierra grief for texting a guy back home, I would think dating a woman back home would be even worst, no? Well Sierra thinks so. She’s hurt that he was pursuing her with a kid, and girlfriend back at home, and I can’t say I blame her.below-deck-season-4_

Back inside, Kate asks Ben how his date last night went. He mumbles incoherently while Kate continues to ask questions, before realizing maybe it’s making him uncomfortable. So she asks him if he rather her not ask. He replies, “*mumbles* you know what I mean? Haha.” Um, no Ben. Nobody knows what you that meant, you barely got a full sentence out. I’ve realized Ben isn’t too good with expressing himself. He’s either yelling or mumbling, there’s no in-between.


Captain Lee calls in Kelley, Ben, and Kate to find out about their next charter guests. It’s the primary’s birthday, so her friends want to throw her a surprise drag show. They also want a beach lunch, which always go so well.

After their meeting, Kelley has one of his own with Nico. Kelley asks Nico to refrain from bad-mouthing each other in front of the rest of the crew, because it makes them look as though they’re not united. Nico feels like Kelley isn’t defending his deck team, so if he has to, he will, no matter the setting.

Inside, Sierra has her hands full, sees Kyle, and asks if he could bring a box upstairs for her. 1. She asked. She in no way demanded, or expected him to do so. I can’t think of a nicer way it could’ve been done, unless you prefer to be heavy-handed on the ‘pleases.’ 2. It was a box, an empty one at that. She leaves, Kyle takes the box and tells her to f*** off. It was the laziest excuse to tell her that. The cast of Vanderpump Rules uses an f-bomb more benevolently, and they say that word as much as they say ‘like.’ It was as if he was holding it for so long toward her, that she could’ve said good morning and that would’ve been his response. My point being, it was aggressive. Kyle and Sierra are at a tipping point.

The guests arrive and the crew starts making preparations for their lunch on the beach. Kelley drops Nico and Kate off to start setting up. The guests are hanging out on-board, and Kate radios to Sierra that she can come over with the guests and food. Captain Lee calls in Kelley, but for once, not to complain. He notices how well Kelley is tackling everything, and hopes he keeps it up.


Well maybe Captain should’ve swapped out Kelley for his daily, ‘what are you even doing out there’ talks, and put in Sierra, cause…what was she even doing? Kelley asks Sierra when they’re going to bring the guests over to the beach. She then puts that on Ben and his vinaigrette he has to finish making in five minutes. Emily tells her they can still leave now, bring the guests to have drinks, and bring the food later. Sierra was then mad at Kyle for giving Kelley a time, instead of being the one to do it herself. There was zero organization, and they don’t bring the guests over until an hour after Kate initially asked.

Kyle is mad at Sierra for being so all over the place and complains to Kelley, who is about sick of both of them constantly bashing each other. Same. His solution? To literally abandon them on the island together to clean up, and radio in, “DO IT NOW!” While he had good intentions, in wanting them to talk it out, that was not the time nor place. The two argue, and she calls him a queen. Kyle is understandably pissed, because if she didn’t know about his drag past she would’ve just called him an a**hole. So she said that just to be mean, which was a low blow. They’re both wrong, so if they each realized that, they would both be able to get over it. Despite lunch drama, dinner goes along smoothly.


The next day the main event is the drag show for Liza’s birthday, for which Kyle has agreed to participate in. Just before dinner Ben has Kyle try the sea urchin he’s serving. Kyle has an allergic reaction and takes an antihistamine, which immediately puts him to sleep. While sleeping Kate does his makeup and funnels him Red Bull mixed with espresso; the show must go on. Kyle wakes up enough to get dressed and get going. It was no episode of Ru Paul’s Drag Race, but Liza enjoyed herself and that’s what matters.


The guests leave the next morning and the crew gathers for their tip meeting. Captain has no complaints on service, inside or out. They only get $1100, which is low for them, but get the night off.

Ben’s brother, James, comes on-board, and he seems to get along with everyone. The two go out for dinner, and I cannot, for the life of me, tell their voices apart. If you weren’t paying attention it sounded like Ben was just having a conversation with himself. After dinner, Ben is drunk, and takes off his pants. He then takes off his shirt, so he’s completely naked, gives his brother a hug goodbye, then gets back on the boat.


On the boat, Kyle asks Kate if he could have the master suite that night…so he could masturbate. He wants to set the mood for himself, but Nico and Lauren want to join in on the suite privilege as well. However, they’re both drunk. Nico is literally drinking fireball like it’s a 16 oz. of Poland Spring. “When you’re drinking fireball by the bottle, and nobody’s enticing you to do it, that’s when you have to go ‘maybe I need to chill the f*** out,’” Kyle reminds him. Kyle was wrong about a lot of things this episode, but he was not wrong there.


And, ugh, now Lauren. Nobody was rooting for Lauren more than me. I’m still rooting for her. But in a ‘girl, please get your life together,’ kind of way. Kyle says she doesn’t have any respect, and I’m going to have to sadly agree with him for the second time within two minutes. While they take turns chugging fireball on the master bed, she spills some. But has no remorse whatsoever, she thinks it’s fine. Sure that’s fine when they’re your sheets, and frankly, not even a great decision then, but definitely not on someone else’s. Ben comes in, still naked, with his shirt tied around his waist, so it’s about to get worse. How much worse? We’ll have to wait until next week to find out. 


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