‘Below Deck’ Kelley Johnson Reveals The Most Upsetting Part About Ben Robinson & Emily Warburton-Adams’ Romance

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Were you caught off guard by the Below Deck romance between Emily Warburton-Adams and chef Ben Robinson? Besides having matching accents, most people didn’t see this coming, especially fellow crewmate Kelley Johnson, who was completely caught off-guard.

“Me and Ben are roommates, so I thought he would talk to me about at least being interested because I talked to him about Emily being cute and all this, and he didn’t say a word to me. So it kind of caught me out of the blue,” Kelley told The Daily Dish. “Was it very upsetting? I wouldn’t say terribly.” 

Kate Chastain has a theory it was why Kelley lashed out at Sierra Storm on Tuesday night’s episode because his feelings were hurt when Emily didn’t pick him, but Ben, for her date.

“Yeah, [Kate] said I don’t take rejection well, and I really wasn’t that upset over it. I was more upset that Ben didn’t tell me than them actually going on a date because me and Ben, I thought were really close because we talked about a lot of stuff in the room about just the struggles we were having on the boat, what we thought about the crew because we were returning cast members. We had that bond,” Kelley explained. “And then that came out of left field, and I was like, ‘Well, what happened to all our friendship here? Why aren’t you communicating with me? I was more upset over that than them actually going on a date.”

Does Kelley sound a little defensive? Nico thinks it’s totally understandable that Kelley was upset.

“It’s understandable, completely. Even if you’re not living with them, your best friend’s all of a sudden on a date with some girl that you liked. Or even if you didn’t really like her, you told him, ‘Hey, man, I think she’s really cute.’ And then the next day they’re on a date,” Nico told The Daily Dish. “In our situation, we all live together, work together, we go out with each other. So it’s just a bit of a shock. But that will set anyone off. Rejection or not, it doesn’t matter. That’s a whole different scenario.” 

The truth is, Nico also expressed interest in Emily, but he says the competition between he and Kelley was friendly and non-hostile. Kelley agreed they were “just two guys having fun.”

“Emily was pretty, and we both thought she was cute. It wasn’t hostile. It wasn’t like we were gonna end up losing our friendship,” Kelley explained. “If you notice, I would say we’re very close after the show. And I think if it had been very real and hostile, a real competition, we wouldn’t be this way.”

The big question is, will the romance last between Ben and Emily? Tell us what you think.


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