Briana Renee’s Husband Sexting Scandal Exposed By Plastic Martyr At ‘Little Women: LA’ Season 5 Reunion [VIDEO]

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Tonight is reunion night on Little Women: LA and things get a little messy on the show.

The ladies come together with host Kevin Frazier to recap Season 5 of Little Women LA. Controversy still surrounds Matt Grundhoffer and his sexting ways, and he has some questions to answer when Plastic Martyr makes a surprise appearance, to set the record straight. 

Briana Renee “scampers of the set” like a woman in deep denial. Plastic had lots to say about what transpired during filming and took to Instagram to give a sneak peek of what we can expect.

Plastic wrote, “So the cat is out of the bag. I will be on the reunion show for Little Women LA. I guess there is already a commercial with me in it out now, where Briana cowardly scampers off the set. This is true and was highly amusing. She can run her mouth behind blocked accounts but when given the opportunity to speak to me face to face she flees the scene. Typical.”

I’m really tired of women who “flee the scene” when it comes to reunion shows. Stay and take your medicine.

Plastic continued, “I have absolutely no respect for her, she is one of the dirtiest people I know. What’s astounding to me is that HER husband was trying to hook up with ME. Not the other way around. I shut that shit down immediately and would have never betrayed someone who I considered a friend at that time. Yet she tries to portray me as “the enemy of season 5”.

Seriously? When will Briana see that Matt is one sick dude with one major fetish problem who will never change?

“It got out in the press 8 months later and the story was twisted and inaccurate. The producers of the show called me and asked me if I wanted to come on and clear my name and give the truth and an accurate representation of what happened. I said yes as anyone would have done. I did not want the lies and gossip stories out there with misinformation regarding me. I work very hard and have since I was 14 to be an honest, and self made person. I’m not the type to sell someone out, and clearly not…. because If that was my motive I’d have screen shot the conversations between Matt and I and sold them out long ago. But I didn’t. And I still wouldn’t to this day even after seeing what a pathetic, pathological waste of space Briana is.

Preach, Plastic!

“She can run her mouth all she wants bottom line is I know who I am and I know what I did was not done with malicious intent or for self gratifying reasons. With that said I will be doing a YouTube video soon talking more about this “high school” drama. To the ones who are standing by me and being supportive I thank you. To the rest who seek me out just to hate on me…..good luck, you’ll need it. Xo”

You have been warned. Tune in tonight at 9/8c on Lifetime to see the Little Women: LA hash out the season’s drama.


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