‘Vanderpump Rules’ Mike Shay Returns & Moves Out After Going ‘Missing’ — Marriage On The Rocks!

Posted on Nov 8 2016 - 1:37pm by Terri L. Austin
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  • Athena Panagakos

    Marriage on the rocks, no. Publicity just in time for the show? Yes! Color me cynical.

    • RealitytvJunkie

      I agree. These 2 are playing us for a storyline. At first I believed he really was missing, now I have major doubts.

    • I think he left her. I don’t think Mike is capable of the BS required to fake a storyline.

      But I think she is faking the victimhood. The missing husband. The abandonment. The relapse.

  • AnEnigmaWrappedIn$nark

    Oh thank God; now I sleep tonight.

    • sunkissed748

      Ink on newspaper smells goooood. Mmmmmmm. LOL!

  • SassyMcAsspants

    “Looking toward the future. The truth will come out …” Judging by the picture she’s looking forward to a future with Vivid Entertainment. And who’s the dude in the background?

    • Exactly. That’s the photo you post to express your concern and support for your husband? A filtered pose in stripper attire that appears to have been taken in a hotel room? Um. Ok. And Mike’s the unstable one that needs help. Got it.

      Ten years from now, my money is on Mike being the happy, stable, productive person. Not Sheana.

  • T’s Martini Lounge


  • Wishmich

    If this is a dang publicity stunt, then I say lame-o. If it’s for real, she’s a real bitch to comment in terms of the dang TV show. Puke.

  • just me…

    In that picture she-me looks like a ktrash broke cousin.

  • Sugar in my tank

    This broad thinks marriage is a joke. Who are these people? I mean 30 ish folks running around behaving like they are fresh out of high school. Reality Television has caused a severe case of arrested development in grown ass folks. I hope her husband gets the help he needs and files for divorce because this h○e appeared more interested in an over the top wedding than a new marriage which is already struggling.

  • Darris

    Lala was right

  • JC

    Oh my..oh my..oh my! She is changing her face to look more like a Kardashian.

  • RonnieRIB

    There is certainly a lot of trouble in paradise….she is wasting away…poor thing.

  • Mrs.K

    This is pure PR for the show! Dont fall for it!