‘Married to Medicine’ Recap: Quad Wants To Take Dr. Simone’s Face Off In Heated Fight!

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So much is happening in Hotlanta this fall. Married to Medicine is back for season 4 and Mariah Huq has got her place among the ladies again – though not tonight. We begin with Quad who has a baby in the house. Don’t worry, it’s not hers. Baby Mason belongs to Quad’s brother Quentin and his baby mama Monica. Dr. Gregory is ready for a baby and thinks their good DNA is going to waist. Shame, shame. Quad’s more interested in staying slim in the waist and the face, but she might want to concentrate on baby-proofing her house.

Next up is Dr. Jackie and her man, Curtis. They are house-hunting on account of selling their home and living in an apartment. It’s time to get serious about moving, but Curtis wants the burbs and Jackie wants the city. They go and see a large home that Curtis likes but Dr. Jackie has nothing but negativity for it. Curtis says he’s tired of giving in to Jackie all the dame time and wants to get his way just once.

Lorty, lorty looks who’s turning 40. It’s Toya, and it must be all those fluids she’s been “Replenish” ing through IV because girl looks good. Dr. Eugene drives Toya to check out their new business venture and she really hopes it takes off because they’ve got a mountain of bills. At this time, Toya and Dr. Eugene owe the tax man six figures. WTF? Toya blames their accountant and not than their spending.

Dr. Heavenly and Lisa Nicole are on their way to visit Dr. Jackie. Lisa Nicole is crazy with baby fever. Dr. Heavenly thinks this is a big mistake, and she’s right. You remember all that trouble Lisa had with Dr. Darren last season. Going to strip clubs. Going on the down low. Messy, but here’s the thing, a baby will make everything better. Mmm-hmm. That’s what Lisa says. Dr. Jackie is also shocked that Lisa wants to have a baby and suggests the trouble could be age related, though Lisa doesn’t know how old she is. Perhaps she shouldn’t have a baby if the senility thing is already kicking in. In the meantime, Lisa Nicole wants to have a fancy, over-the-top, pre-preggars party so she can have “Celebration of Life” which is how people typically describe funerals.

Married to Medicine_lisa_nicole_is_having_a_baby

Dr. Simone has new living arrangement, too. Now she and Cecil have two homes. One that’s down the street from the kids’ school and their regular house that’s close to the hospital. Dr. Simone splits her time depending if she’s on-call or not. And though she goes on and on and on about the sacrifices they are making for their boys, let’s get real, she loves being alone in a clean house.

Toya has invited Quad over for lunch, though Quad has to cook it. Toya is downright stunned to learn that Quad has a brother, a girlfriend and a baby living in her house. You see, they black. You help family from a distance, not up close and personal like the Arabic’s do, according to Toya. Then Toya shares she owes the IRS $170K in back taxes, because of her damn accountant. I mean, who knew the IRS wanted money every year? Crazy! Quad nearly chokes on her wine. But there is good news, Quad no longer wants that heffa Lisa Nicole arrested for assault. Quad received the “Celebration of Life” text invite and plans to let bygones aside and attend. 

We are at home with the delusional happy couple, Dr. Darren and Lisa Nicole. He tells her that yet again he’s got to pull an overnighter at the hospital. How are these two going to make a baby with mixed schedules? What’s that Dr. Darren? You had no idea your wife was serious about wanting a baby? Well, she is, despite all the risks she’s facing. After sharing his concerns, Dr. Darren says he’s on board and will give it to God, except for the sperm test, he’s keeping that to himself. Apparently, his boys are swimming laps like they Michael Phelps.

It’s party time! Lisa’s house looks like Valentine’s Day on steroids. The men folk ask Dr. Darren how he really feels about another baby. He says he’s happy with the two that he’s got and doesn’t want to be a 60 year old dad, but we all know he doesn’t call the shots and the men wish him good luck because Dr. Darren’s gonna need it.

The ladies start arriving and Quad and Dr. Eugene feel the “Celebration of Life” is more of a Celebration of Death. No one is having fun. Quad is happy to see Dwight, as is he. Dr. Eugene and Quad say hello to Lisa and get this, a fight does not break out. It’s time to move on so the women talk about Lisa looks ridiculous dress she’s wearing from 1990 and her lame ass party. There’s no music, no dancing and barely any alcohol, though Dr. Jackie wants a boring, drama free night. Spoiler alert: she doesn’t get one.

Lisa makes another announcement about getting pregnant to the crew. Quad’s mouth drops open and she guzzles her wine so she doesn’t bust out laughing. Dr. Heavenly asks the real doctors in the room, how old is too old? Answer: Lisa Nicole’s age, whatever that is. Lisa is insulted by Dr. Eugene’s assessment of seeing exhausted women who had babies late in life that look like grandmas. Toya asks Lisa why have a baby when a nanny’s just going to raise it, and btw, Toya don’t have no issues with her man running around like Lisa does. Work on that.


Next, Dr. Simone and Quad sound like two cats in a bag as they fight about Quad’s selfishness and ungratefulness for not giving Dr. Gregory a baby he so desperately wants. Dr. Simone better watch it, Quad’s fixing to take her face off.

Tune in next week to see if Dr. Simone still has a face and Mariah has a blue party.


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