Lisa Vanderpump Reveals She Confronted Lisa Rina & Talks Wild New Season of ‘Vanderpump Rules’ On #WWHL

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Tonight, on Watch What Happens Live, Andy Cohen hosted Lisa Vanderpump, Giggy, and announced the Real Housewives Awards: Decision 2016.

Tonight was also the season premiere of Vanderpump Rules, and all of Twitter was on fire because of Tom Sandoval’s long, highlighted hair. Lisa wasn’t a fan.

“I didn’t like it. At some point, it was pink, so I thought he was kind of emulating me, really.”

Kristen Doute and her boyfriend, Carter, have been together for ten whole months. She’s only paying 60% of the bills this time. But will she ever be able to convince people she’s not a psycho? Lisa said, “Well, I don’t know. I think we’ve got too much evidence that she is.”

The shady moment of the night went to Lala Kent for slamming Scheana Marie and Katie Maloney, whom she called a blob. Lisa did not approve.

“Well, I mean she’s full of it, isn’t she, Lala? And then she kind of backstabs.”

Jax Taylor admitted that his girlfriend, Brittany Cartwright, had a sexual encounter with Kristen, and he walked in on them. And that’s how we got our competing hashtags of the night: #KentuckyMuffin and #StrictlyDickly. So, is there truth to this rumor? Lisa believed it.

“I hate to say it, because I love Brittany, but yes I do. I don’t know exactly what happened, but…yes, I think for the first time ever, Jax is telling the truth.”

James and Lala spoiled everyone’s night when they threw shade about nose jobs, weight gain, and a lack of hard bodies. Lisa didn’t like that James body shamed Katie.

“That was so rude. I wanted to slap him. She’s a beautiful girl, and she’s what, a size four, for God’s sake?”

James blamed his drunken, hateful behavior on his parents’ recent divorce. He ended up in tears, sobbing on Tom Sandoval’s shoulder. Lisa sympathized.

“I know he was so distraught. I don’t know them [his parents] very well, but I just saw the fact that he was leaving the country, his father…it had an effect on him [James]. I am making excuses for him.”

We caught a sneak peek of next week’s show. Jax and Brittany have a fight over her night with Kristen. She blames Jax for spreading rumors, and Jax can’t believe he’s been cheated on.

Andy thought Brittany was denying it happened because her family is from Kentucky. Lisa agreed.

“You think? What about one hundred thirty seven countries, maybe that’s got something to do with it? Listen, in the unlikely event that Ken walked into my bedroom, and I was chomping on Kyle’s coochie…and he caught me doing that, do you think that he would be sharing it and relishing it? You see, but Jax always wants to be in the middle…Kristen does as well.”

The viewers voted on the Bravo President, and Lisa Vanderpump won. She was very excited. “VanderTrump in the pink house!”

On a sneak peek of part two of the Real Housewives of Orange County reunion, Andy tries to get to the bottom of how physical things got between Tamra Judge and Kelly Dodd during their Ireland trip. Tamra says she pushed Kelly. Kelly admitted Tamra didn’t hit her.

A caller wondered why Lisa gave James so many chances and what, exactly, he brought to her restaurant. Thank you, caller. I’ve been wondering the same thing!

“…I’ve said I’m probably foolish in many respects for giving him so many chances. But I’ve made allowances for him because I’ve seen him struggle emotionally, and I feel that that’s been responsible for a lot of his breakdowns. He actually is quite a good guy. Does he have a drink problem? Yes, I think he does, and we’ve really talked about that.”

If Lisa had to hire back Stassi Schroeder or Kristen, who would she choose?

“God, please. I think I’d even rather not be president than that. I guess it would have to be Stassi, because Kristen, as we’ve seen in the episode, likes to get in the middle of everything.”

We heard about Lala’s married boyfriend in the season opener. Did Lisa know anything about that?

“I’d heard a rumor, but I haven’t seen anything concrete, and I don’t know his name. But everybody was talking about it. But I have to give her the benefit of the doubt…as long as it’s not my husband, I guess. I don’t condone that in any shape or form.”

Voted as Speaker of the Housewives for her Christmas in the Berkshires tantrum, Dorinda Medley showed up with a new pink stripe in her hair. She gave an acceptance speech.

“I think I deserve it, because I did make it nice. I worked very hard that weekend, and they came up and made a disaster of it.”

A caller wanted to know when Lisa last spoke to Yolanda Hadid and Brandi Glanville. Also, what is her relationship now with Lisa Rinna?

Yolanda—I actually ran into her. It’s better than it was. I was interested in how she was doing health wise, and she seemed to be doing quite well. Brandi—no, not so much. I’ve only ever received a negative text from her…I’ve got the block button on that one. Lisa Rinna. Well, you’re going to see this season. It was hard to go back…I felt like I took such a beating. I have to own it, I had a little go at her, and I loved every second of it.”

The Plastic Surgeon General, as voted by the people, was Siggy Flicker. On her first appearance on the Real Housewives of New Jersey, she showed up post facelift with her head wrapped in a bandage. She complimented Lisa, calling her “the epitome of class.”

The viewers voted Kyle Richards as Style Ambassador. Kyle didn’t attend, but the Gay Shark arrived in a caftan on her behalf.

So, did you enjoy the first episode of Vanderpump Rules? And do you really think Brittany and Kristen had a lady moment?


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