#RHOA Kandi Burruss Talks Porsha Faking Anger Management Therapy & Calls Kenya Moore’s Boyfriend Violent

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After their respective season debuts, Real Housewives of Atlanta star, Kandi Burruss, and Married to Medicine’s Dr. Jackie Walters joined Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live.

Before jumping into tonight’s episodes, Andy gave a sneak peek of part two of the Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion. Jacqueline and Melissa get into a heated argument over Melissa’s nose jobs. Did she have two or four? Will we ever know for sure?

Kandi is trying to get baby Ace to potty train before he can walk. Dr. Jackie gave her opinion on the matter.

“Well, if you are referring to medicine, it’s about eighteen months before we recommend starting.”

But Kandi defended her choice:

“Let me just say this, my daughter, she was already potty trained and out diapers at her two year birthday. Now, I know a lot of people that wait to start…I’m not trying to force him to use it, we’re just introducing him to the potty. When we sit him up there, he pees on his own.”

Quick to get off toilet training, Andy showed clips of Sheree Whitfield and her shadiest moments of the first episode. Let’s just say titty sweat now has its own hashtag. Thanks, Sheree!

All the Atlanta women were throwing shade on Kenya Moore’s house. Sheree said she needed a hard hat for the party. Even Kandi admitted that Kenya’s home needed a little more work.

“She could have probably waited a little longer to have a housewarming.”

On Married to Medicine, Lisa Nicole wants to have a baby. But from reminders to Darren’s supposed infidelity to Lisa Nicole’s age, everyone had an opinion on the subject. Dr. Jackie said, “All I can say is HIPAA. I can’t say a word. I’m in a safe zone.”

We got a hint of what next week’s RHOA will bring. Sheree and Kenya are still throwing it back and forth over their houses. Sheree feels that Kenya’s baseboard could use some trim—and that’s not a euphemism. Kenya was all, bitch, baseboards are so last century.

Kandi isn’t the only Housewife Dr. Jackie knows well. When her father died, Jackie contacted Phaedra Parks for the funeral arrangements. She did a very good job, according to Jackie.

Tonight, Kenya spoke about her complicated relationship with Matt. Kandi said:

“I don’t want to hate on anyone else’s relationship, but it’s just kind of hard for me when there has been some violence there. So, the jury’s still out for me. He’s a nice guy, but some of the things he did, busting out windows and stuff, it was just too much.”

A viewer wanted to know just how tacky Lisa Nicole’s party really was. Jackie was hesitant, but answered honestly:

“Ten being the highest? 8.9.”

Kandi and Phaedra’s friendship is still on the rocks. That will play out more this season.

“We’re not necessarily in a great place. We can be cordial, and we can be in the same room at the same time, but we’re not friends.”

We caught a sneak peek of next week’s Married to Medicine, too. Heavenly gave a pitiful apology before going on the attack, calling Genise Shelton a weak bitch.

Also, Heavenly accompanied Lisa Nicole to her appointment with Dr. Jackie, who was less than thrilled.

“It’s really hard when you bring a friend to the doctor’s with you, and you want to protect your personal business. I love Heavenly…yeah.”

A caller suggest that Lisa Nicole wanted a baby to fix her marriage. Jackie declined to answer, but Andy cleverly got around it by asking if she was surprised at Darren’s lack of enthusiasm at having another child.

That really shocked me. I had not spoken with Darren until later on, but yeah, I was a little shocked to hear Darren say…yeah.”

A caller wondered if Kandi had to pick one, would she choose to live in Moore Manor or Chateau Sheree.

Moore Manor is more modern. I’m not really a modern home girl… I like Moore Manor. I think it’s a really pretty house, but I love Sheree’s bathroom and closet—it’s amazing.”

When Jackie heard that Toya owed nearly two hundred-thousand dollars to the IRS, she was stunned. “Toya needs a job. Toya needs three jobs.”

On tonight’s RHOA episode, Cynthia went to see a divorce attorney. Even though cheating rumors followed Peter, Cynthia claimed there was no infidelity in the marriage. Kandi said:

“Okay, the rumors that we heard were from Porsha. She never gave any receipt. Nobody ever came forward…because we’re in the public eye…they like to be able to put you on blast. That never happened.”

When Andy asked if Kandi had noticed a change in Porsha due to her anger management, Kandi burst into laughter.

“I think Porsha does things for the fans. She puts on these images to try to trick…fool the fans. Meaning that, me personally, I doubt very seriously she went to meet with that guy any more than when the cameras were there. Maybe one time. Maybe.”

Since going into business together strained Cynthia and Peter’s relationship, Kandi was worried about starting a restaurant with Todd.

“Hearing Cynthia and Peter talk about how the business was the real problem in their relationship, I tell Todd, ‘Hey, we cannot allow this restaurant come in between us and put more into the business than we do into each other.’”

Jackie agreed. “Working with your husband has to be hard.”

Kandi admitted that both she and Todd have “strong personalities” and that he will act without consulting her, but expects her to run things by him. But she’s been working on herself, trying to be less “abrasive.

Tonight on Married to Medicine, things got heated between Quad Lunceford and Dr. Simone Whitmore. A caller wondered why Quad’s decision to wait on getting pregnant was Simone’s business. Jackie tried to untangle it for us.

Simone is Quad’s doctor. So I’m sure it’s a little deeper than what you saw. And Cecil said it best, Simone goes from zero to a thousand in point five seconds.”

So how did you feel about the season openers? And whose house would you want to live in, Sheree’s or Kenya’s?


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