EXCLUSIVE: Tamra Judge’s Accuser Who Filed ‘RHOC’ FBI Complaint Speaks Out!

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The Real Housewives of Orange County veered into a dark place, after a silly impulse led to a captured top-less photo of Vicki Gunvalson — a secret shot later released on the internet.

A complaint was filed with the FBI, after it was discovered that the photo was obtained and leaked online by a minor, raising questions as to how the teen came into possession of the inappropriate image. The woman who filed the complaint is speaking out — clarifying details about the disturbing case.

Rosalie spoke exclusively to AllAboutTheTea.com, and explained how a harmless closed-set prank, morphed into Tamra Judge allegedly landing in legal hot water. 

We asked Rosalie how she first discovered the salacious photo of Gunvalson.

“I have online sources that came to me. A few wanted to report it themselves but weren’t sure how to proceed,” she explained. “Between what I knew, what they knew, and some screenshots & further investigation by all involved, it was discovered that the original poster of the photo was a minor.”

Rosalie clarifies her connection to the fifteen year old girl — the source who  supposedly received and leaked the inappropriate image.

“I have zero ties to the minor who posted this photo. I don’t know her online, never followed her, and am certainly not her mother,” the concerned snitch explained. “If I had been her mother, I may have caught a flight to OC & confronted TJ myself at CUT Fitness, perhaps with police at my side.”

How did Rosalie deduce that Tamra Judge was allegedly behind sending the photo?

“Several people saw this episode and know where everyone was sitting at the table. We also know who had a phone in her hand (TJ) poised for photo taking. There was an evil smirk on her face that was quite suspicious,” noted Rosalie. “That, partnered with these screen grabs of what appears to be Tamra asking people to call onto #WWHL to sabotage Kelly. It seemed pretty clear to me who leaked this photo. TJ [Tamra Judge] likes to get others to do her dirty work for her.”

We asked Rosalie what motivated her to seek intervention from the FBI, and what she knows about the status of the case.

“The minor. If it had been an adult who leaked the photo, I might have left this to VG’s camp to handle the matter,” she explained. “But because of the involvement of a minor, I felt this could not be brushed under a rug. If I hadn’t done it, someone else would have. In fact, I may be only 1 complaint of many. The OC local authorities weren’t helpful at all.”

“I have not been contacted by the FBI with any status updates, which isn’t surprising,” asserts Rosalie. “They may tell me nothing since I’m not a victim in the case. I figured I’d give this a couple days (& media coverage) before I tried contacting them & trying to get more info.”

Rosalie reveals why she decided to use the media to draw attention to the disturbing story, and reiterated that her motivation was simply to expose a crime against a minor child.   

“I wanted this to appear in the media because I thought it needed to get attention. There were likely a lot of people that didn’t know about it, and I wanted them to know. I thought it might put added pressure on the FBI to do something about it. Bravo wasn’t going to talk about it, despite fans demanding they do so,” Rosalie said. “I was not compensated in any way, not by TMZ, not by any of the housewives, not by anyone. Nor did I want to be. In my opinion that would be profiting off a crime against a minor, which would make me no better than a person who would use a minor to spread naked photos online.”

We will continue to follow the story, as new details emerge.


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