‘I Never Set Teresa Up!’ Jacqueline Laurita Responds To Teresa Giudice’s Jaw-Dropping Reunion Allegations [EXCLUSIVE]

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The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion launches tonight, and a preview has already revealed Teresa Giudice blasting Jacqueline Laurita with shady accusations.

AllAboutTheTea.com spoke to Jacqueline exclusively, who is firing back at  Teresa’s post-season comments.   

Teresa nonsensically claimed that Jacqueline “set her up” with the Feds, essentially blaming her for sending her to federal prison. Jacqueline responds, denying the ridiculous statement.

“I never set Teresa up!” Jacqueline slams back. “Her and her husband set themselves up. That is absolutely preposterous for her to even say that. She knows we were good friends at the time her investigation started. She’s only saying this now to try to make me look bad to the viewers because she is desperate, but it looks like it has backfired on her. The majority of people see through her bullshit. Thank you!”

Teresa worked to shift the heat from Joe, accusing Jacqueline of settling for a cheating husband. Jacqueline points out that Teresa KNOWS that Joe has cheated.

“My husband has never cheated on me. My EX husband has cheated on me,” Jacqueline clarifies. “When Teresa told me she caught her husband cheating, she wanted my advice because she knew I went through that with my ex. She only planted the seed because she knows how close and tight my husband and I are and I think she wishes she had that same kind of bond with her husband. Teresa knows Chris and I have a lot of people admiring our relationship, while hers has been exposed, like everything else she tries to hide (like her assets ). Frickin’ jealousy!” 

Jacqueline addresses her past and present relationship with Dolores Catania, addressing Teresa’s assertion that Dolores used to “hate” her.

“As far as I know, Dolores has always been kind to my face and I have only thought us to be friends for many years, so if she really disliked me at one time — she never let me know that,” explains Jacqueline. “I honestly don’t think she would have ever had a reason to dislike me because I was always very kind to her.”

Jacqueline offers a closing comment, sharing some season-ending thoughts about her ex-bestie, Teresa Giudice.

“Teresa has no integrity and continues to lie, even though that is the behavior that got her into all this trouble in the first place,” Jacqueline states. “A fraud, is a fraud, is a fraud. Teresa has no depth and no soul.”

Part one of The Real Housewives of New Jersey reunion, explodes tonight, at 10:00 pm ET, on Bravo.


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