’90 Day Fiance’ Nicole Reveals Azan Is Not Attracted To Her Because She’s Fat [Exclusive Video]

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Nicole is back in the U.S.A. as the three months fade away, on 90 Day Fiance. Nicole is dishing about her Moroccan honey to her family, and the news isn’t good.

Nicole admits that all wasn’t perfect in Morocco — and her mom and sister are all ears. Nicole admits that the couple had some arguments, and that things got ugly.

“Sometimes when we fight, and he wanted to get me to shut up, he would say, ‘shut the fu*k up,’” Nicole says. “Or he would say ‘I don’t care about you.’”

Nicole comes clean about the couple’s lack of chemistry, and Azan’s desire for her to lose some “big a little bit.”

“He’s not fully attracted to me,” Nicole admits.

“What you see right now, could be the way you spend the rest of your life,” Nicole’s mother counters. “And you’re ok with that?

Nicole is annoyed, but assures her family that the international lovebirds had agreed to change for each other.

“If my husband would have said any of that, just once — just once — we wouldn’t have gotten married,” Nicole’s sister chimes in. “No one should ever tell you to ‘shut the F up,’ because you should be able to talk to each other.”


A super-sized 90 Day Fiance, begins at 8:00 pm ET, Sunday on TLC.


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