Vicki Gunvalson Says Shannon’s Not Being Truthful About Her Marriage & Kelly Already Heard Gay Rumors About Eddie Judge

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Vicki Gunvalson season 11 finale_RHOC

This season on The Real Housewives of Orange County, apologies have been a running theme, and gosh darn it, Vicki Gunvalson’s tired of it. She takes to her Bravo blog to once again say sorry for repeating rumors about Tamra Judge and her husband, Eddie.

Vicki admits she shouldn’t have repeated those gay rumors to Kelly Dodd, but hey, they’re already out there. Even Kelly heard them before Vicki ever said a word.

Tamra said she doesn’t want me spreading rumors about people, which I agree that I shouldn’t, and NOR should they. I shouldn’t have told Kelly anything about what I heard about Eddie and I should have let her find out for herself. In fact, what is interesting is Kelly had already heard about the “rumor”, and it wasn’t just me “repeating a rumor” because she already knew of it.”

Vicki wonders why Tamra became so heated. She knew all about the rumors, has heard them for years, so what did it matter if Vicki repeated them? 

“Rumors about Eddie have circulated for years now. Let me get this straight with all of you…I don’t care one way or the other of his sexual preference, but WHY would Tamra continue to not hit it head on and talk about it? She’s heard it, everyone has heard it. If it’s not true, then laugh it off and/or discuss it.”

Vicki goes further and hints that they might indeed be true. Or that Tamra is hiding a secret about her marriage. 

“If she’s trying to hide some things she is aware of or knows about him, then why is HE off limits when she doesn’t allow other people’s “stuff” to be off limits?”

On Tamra’s recent Watch What Happens Live episode, she stated that the rumors started with Vicki. And Vicki alone was to blame for the questions swirling around Eddie’s sexuality.

“Who Vicki? Well because Vicki put it out there…Yes me and Eddie are such trolls that we need to, that I need to be married to somebody that’s gay and he needed, why? Why? What’s the point of it?”

When it comes to Shannon Beador, Vicki admits that she was wrong to tell Kelly that David “beat the shit” out of Shannon. She should have let Kelly find out on her own. But on the finale, Vicki didn’t back down from the rumor, and in fact, said she was worried about Shannon.

“When Kelly and I talked, I told her how quick Shannon was to judge me, when in fact her marriage to David was anything but stellar. Hindsight, I should have never told Kelly about them and what I experienced with Shannon and let it come out on its own…because it would have eventually. I never expected Kelly to share that with her, but it is what it is.”

Vicki knew a big secret about Shannon, but said she wouldn’t share it, because she’s not vindictive, like Shannon has been all season.

“When I talked to Kelly about it privately, it was to tell Kelly how I never revealed something that would hurt Shannon, and how I chose to not share it with the other women even after how mean and vindictive she had been towards me. I never expected it to “get out”, and hindsight should have just kept it to myself. Problem is, Shannon continuing to call me a liar and saying “she doesn’t lie”, is not being truthful.”

Shannon addressed the abuse allegations on her Instagram:

“shannonbeador: @amallon486 I have addressed it in the press. Multiple times. Not hiding anything. It happened 13 flipping years ago and there was no physical assault at all. Just an argument. Not denying anything.”

So, do you think Vicki was right to mention rumors about Tamra? And is the gossip she told Kelly true or not?


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