Meri Brown’s Catfish Drama Explodes Again in ‘Sister Wives’ Season 8 Trailer

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TLC has released a sneak peek video of the upcoming season of Sister Wives, revealing a mix of new beginnings and stale scandal on tap for Season 8.

Maddie Brown’s wedding will be featured, as well as her PG-13 bridal shower. The young bride will score some camo-chic undies, inviting gasps from the wives. Love blooms bright for Mykelti and boyfriend, Antonio Padron, but the family is unsure about the copycat lovebirds. More-than-one isn’t so fun, when you’re watching your daughters flee the compound!

The most compelling storyline appears to be the ongoing broken relationship between Mariah, and her mother and catfish biter, Meri Brown.

“I spent the entire summer telling her that she was being catfished, and she wouldn’t listen to me,” Mariah says to Kody. “She’s done a lot of shi*ty things—and I haven’t forgiven her.”

Kody takes the blame for being a “catalyst” for Mare’s straying heart, but Mariah disagrees. Kody was blindsided when Meri was exposed in an online affair with a catfish, and TLC chronicled the Browns’ side of the story, last season.

Meri points to “doing her life” alone, in the midst of gagging her way through therapy with Janelle, and working to function as Kody’s quasi-wife. Kody wants his family to stay together — but faces an uphill battle, with wives who are struggling to get along, and one who appears to be itching to get OUT.

Mare offered a brief flashback Wednesday, posting a cringeworthy photo on Instagram, tossing out a little nod to the past, as we all look to the new season.

Sister Wives premieres November 27 on TLC.


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