Kyle Richards Blames Stylist For Being Brutally Attacked By Sister Kim’s Dog

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The dog drama continues for Kim and Kyle Richards who are still fighting a court battle over Kim’s viscous dog Kingsley when he attacked stylist, Paige Elizabeth Sanderson. According to court documents, Kyle is not taking the blame for this, in fact, she’s placing the blame on the stylist.

The stylist is suing the sisters of The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills, but also Kyle’s business manager, Michael London, and Kim’s son, Chad Davis, after the dog attack sent her to the hospital. Kyle and her lawyers have responded to the suit by stating the stylist “knowingly and voluntarily assumed the risk” on that horrific day.

The court papers reveal:

“Defendant was not a substantial factor in bringing about the injuries and damages allegedly sustained by the Plaintiff,” Kyle’s response also added that Sanderson, “knowingly and voluntarily assumed the risk of the conduct, events and matter alleged in the subject complaint” and that Kyle is “not the owner, keeper or controller of the dog that allegedly caused Plaintiff’s harm.”

Here’s what allegedly went down. The stylist was invited by Kim to Kyle’s house for a promotional event. The stylist then went into the bedroom where the dog was, and so fearful for her safety, locked herself in the bathroom to get away from the dog. After Kim assured the stylist her dog wouldn’t hurt her, she re-entered the bedroom. Unfortunately, Kinsley did attack the stylist.

Kingsley_Kim Richards_Dog Bite

Kingsley “bit and held on to her lower abdomen and crotch, tearing off her leggings and underwear and ripping out portions of flesh.” The stylist claimed she went into shock and was “bleeding profusely from the attack.”

Additionally, it’s alleged that Kim “refused to call 911” unless the stylist lied about the attack and promised to say it was a stray dog. Kim then called Kyle’s business manager, London, to drive the stylist to the hospital. Sanderson is seeking damages for “emotional distress, cosmetic surgery and medical bills.”

Tell is what you think. Should Kyle be dismissed from this lawsuit or is she partially responsible because it happened on her property?


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