‘Little Women LA’ Recap: Elena Tries To Mend The Broken Friendship With The Group & Christy

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Welcome back to Little Women: LA season finale. Yay, we made it! We join Elena and Preston at the train store where she explains that nothing was accomplished during survival camp and their friendships likely won’t survive, unless she steps in. Elena has a completely different plan, though. Something fun that will bring the women back together and remind them why they are friends in the first place.

Next up is Todd and Christy who go out to lunch and sit on padded chairs and discuss her father and daughter’s health. According to Christy, it’s just a matter positive reinforcement to getting healthy. But she’s tired of being a big ball of stress, however, it’s better than her being a big bag of crazy. Christy complains that she still hasn’t gotten “apologies from these bitches” for not being a liar. She feels Briana has somewhat accepted her apology, even though she hasn’t.

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Onto the self-defense class set up by Tonya because she doesn’t think Briana should get a gun. Terra and Elena are also there to learn to fight back. Here’s the thing, their best defense is a kick or punch in the balls. Class is over. Then the ladies talk about Christy. Terra says she’s okay to co-exist with Christy because she’s so busy being on Dancing With the Stars so she won’t be around much anyway. Elena brings up her plan of land sailing in the desert. It’s like a boat on wheels. Briana will go, but she plans to do exactly what Terra is doing and will only be cordial with Christy. Elena thinks it’s just a matter of time until Briana forgives Christy.

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Kerwin is accompanying Tonya to her laser surgery. Tonya is terrified, but it’s even worse to watch. Yuck! The surgery was a success and Kerwin and Tonya discuss their plan to confront Angelique about her old/new boyfriend Reggie whom she met at church. They broke up because Reggie didn’t have a job or a car. Damn right she broke up with him. Kerwin and Tonya want to meet Reggie and will play good little cop / bad big cop to see if the boy has changed.

Onto Matt and Briana who are eating out, which is all they ever do. Briana shares with Matt that the other girls think she doesn’t have a brain in her body and she’s only doing what Terra does by not forgiving Christy. Briana gushes how happy she is and doesn’t want Christy’s negativity in her life. Briana is the most happy she’s ever been in her entire life. Really. Her life is perfect. Really. It is. Really. Matt points out that it would be nice if Briana could have a drama free time with her friends, but she can’t. She tells him about the land sailing, and Matt thinks, what’s the point? It’ll be the same as survival camp. He ever so subtly wants to isolate Briana, and yet, someone’s got to bring home a paycheck.

We are now at the dance studio with Terra and Sasha when Elena and Tonya stop by. They watch rehearsal and are impressed. Tonya thinks Terra has an actual shot at third place winning. Terra shares that the other dancers think she’s no competition. Choking back tears, Terra explains she’s like a dismissed underdog. Tonya and Elena try to cheer her up, but Terra feels a heavy burden championing for all little people. She invites her pals to the first DWTS show.

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It’s time to make Reggie feel awkward! Kerwin and Tonya are joined by Angelique and Reggie on the patio. One thing about Reggie, he can sing! When Kerwin asks him in the first five seconds if they are having sex, Reggie sings to Jesus to help out a brother. Know this, when Kerwin calls Reggie son, it has nothing to do with feeling like family. It’s the age difference. But the family loosens up and toasts to the future in all of their relationships.

What’s the best part of being a little person mom? You get to join the kids on the playground! Jasmine and Briana’s kids play while the women discuss their health. Jasmine’s husband, Chris is there too, but he’s always so polite and quiet. Jasmine explains she was disappointed in Briana and Terra for acting like high-schoolers at survival camp. Briana says she tried, and by trying she means, she showed up. The two women disagree over Christy’s apology but agree they are both exhausted with Christy.

Tonya and Kerwin are hitting golf balls and being goofy with each other. Kerwin recommends that Tonya get her swing on and tells her how cute and sexy she is. Heffa’s getting lucky tonight! Kerwin asks about their status, sick of hearing about the other ladies and their problems. Turns out, Kerwin misses Texas, but is enjoying himself in LaLa Land. Tonya says she was nervous in the beginning, but now things are good. They discuss finding a new house that can be their house.

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Onto land sailing! The mantra is: Today is not a good day to die. Cool, maybe Tonya can put that on her active wear. Jasmine can’t participate, same with Christy, they are there because it’s the finale to work on their friendships. Terra goes first and I must say, it looks fun. Elena tries it and is a crazy Russian driver, and Tonya needs help from her heffa friends, but they don’t help. Terra goes over to Christy for a private talk, but the talk doesn’t come easily. Finally Terra says that neither of them are innocent. Christy agrees. Terra says she wants to let it go, but Christy secretly questions her sincerity.

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We are at the end, the little women gather for a glass of champagne and/or cider and we learn the finale recaps on their lives, even though nothing really was resolved.

Jasmine’s difficult pregnancy has taken a serious turn with the onset of gestational diabetes. She’s anxiously awaiting the arrival of her son…or daughter.

Tonya is focusing on launching the Lil Boss Body Active Wear line. She is starting to call Kerwin her husband, even if they aren’t engaged…yet.

Briana is continuing to rebuild her marriage with Matt and her friendship with Terra. Despite repeated requests, she still refuses to give Christy her new phone number.

Christy has turned her attention to supporting her parents in their time of need. And supporting Autumn…by driving her around.

Terra and Joe are struggling to make her crazy schedule work. Her son’s genetic test results are in…but they still haven’t had time to pick them up.

Elena has successfully launched her Little Palettes makeup line. She’s loving motherhood and wants more children…immediately.

Tune in next week for the reunion show where fireworks are sure to be set off.


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