Jacqueline Laurita Explains Bitter Blow Up With Dolores Catania ‘Too Many People Were Involved’

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Jacqueline Laurita has had a rocky season on The Real Housewives of New Jersey. Though she tried to mend fences with Teresa Giudice, they’re back to being enemies. Jacqueline’s friendship with Melissa Gorga fell apart when Melissa and Teresa reunited. (Another one bites the dust.) But her tight bond with Dolores Catania is still going strong, despite the bitter argument they had.

Dolores held a Women’s Empowerment Night at her gym in an effort to try and get more ladies to sign up for memberships. Teresa held a yoga class, and Siggy Flicker talked about supporting other women. The irony! But Jacqueline was supposed to speak that night, too. However, she was too sick to attend, and Dolores knew that ahead of time. So, when she called to ask Jacqueline where she was, it set off a misunderstanding that threatened their friendship.


Jaqueline talks about her beef with Dolores in her blog this week. Though the two have been friends for years, Jacqueline was quick to jump to some unfair conclusions and assume that Dolores was trying to make her look bad in front of the cameras.

“When I got the voicemail from Dolores asking me where I was and if I was coming later that night, it threw me off because I had already told her that I wasn’t coming. I pictured her standing in front of people asking me this and it looking like I was a no call/no show for her event like I was a bad friend for not going or telling her I wasn’t coming.”

Maybe fighting the flu made Jacqueline extra salty, because she fired off a snarky text to Dolores and then refused to answer her phone. That caused Dolores to text some nasty comments of her own.

“I told her how I felt on a text and fell back to sleep. Apparently she tried calling me after that and thought I was purposely ignoring her so she left me a pretty nasty text that I saw the next day. That annoyed me even more.”

According to Dolores, Jacqueline complained to anyone who would listen about their fight, and she wasn’t happy that Jac was talking behind her back. But Jacqueline claims she only told one mutual friend about the argument — just to get it off her chest.

“I told one person about our fight. I guess that person shared my feelings about it with Dolores. It’s ok, because I shared my feelings with Dolores about it first, so it was no surprise to her. I won’t say anything behind someone’s back that I wouldn’t, or haven’t, already said to that person.”

Dolores did some venting, too, and soon news of their fight was all over town. Jacqueline says she had no idea it would blow up like that.

“Sometimes you just have to do that to get stuff off of your chest when you’re upset, and who better to vent to than your good girlfriends? I get it. I just didn’t think our misunderstanding had to spread so quickly and publicly the way it did.”

Too many people got thrown into the mix and made a bad situation worse. But hasn’t Jacqueline learned by now that’s how these little fights explode into huge conflicts? Before you know it, you’ll have to find soldiers to do your bidding, Jac.

“In my opinion, too many people were getting involved. Sh– happens I guess.”

Fortunately, she and Dolores made up. I’d like to think they all learned their lesson, but this is Jersey, people. So, do you think Jacqueline was wrong to jump to conclusions or was Dolores wrong to let it escalate?

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***Shameless plug time. Dispelled, the first book in my new series, is out today. It’s a sexy, snarky, magical mystery.***


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