Heather Dubrow Accuses Vicki Gunvalson of Using Kelly Dodd To Exact Revenge On ‘RHOC’ Cast

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Heather Dubrow is feeling reflective in her Real Housewives of Orange County blog this week. She takes some time to prop up her friends and skewer her enemies as she looks back over the season.

Heather’s storyline was slight this season, but she did make an impact. Miss Fancypants lost her cool several times with Kelly Dodd. Not used to someone who throws out the c-word during a fine dining sushi experience, Heather tried to evict Kelly from a dinner party that was not her own. As the season progressed, Heather devolved and called Kelly “trash”. Heather defends her choices.

“Watching back the bus trip was difficult. It was 3 AM and we had been drinking for quite some time. I didn’t even remember saying half that stuff. I thought I was defending my friends who were being attacked by Kelly throwing out accusations that she’d heard from Vicki.”

But Heather did learn a lesson about arguing while drunk.

“This is a good lesson which should be obvious – don’t talk/discuss/fight after having too many drinks. I feel terrible about saying I felt bad for Kelly‘s kid. I’m very sorry Kelly. I promise you that I can learn my lesson…”

While Heather may have used some unkind words with Kelly, she had no intention of making Kelly look bad in Ireland. She never wanted to get Kelly “naked wasted” or put her in a bad light. According to Heather, Kelly did that all on her own.

“Plus, let me assure you I didn’t bring my cute flask and schlep a bottle of Fireball across a continent with the idea of getting Kelly drunk. Ridiculous. When we got back from Ireland, I went home and back to my family. I saw Kelly going around to everyone and talking about me.”

How very unfancy of her. As for Vicki Gunvalson, Heather tried to move on from the ugliness of Brooks and his fake cancer scam last season. But she felt that Vicki held a grudge and used Kelly to get back at all the women.

“After watching the season, I think that Vicki wanted revenge for what she perceived we had done to her last year with Brooks. I think she used Kelly and fed her information to hurt everyone. If there actually IS a “puppet master,” her name is Vicki.”

Heather thought Shannon Beador and her husband, David, were in a good place. And that Vicki’s accusations about David beating Shannon tried to put a wedge between them. Shannon is now on the defensive and the spotlight is back on her marriage.

“We are close, and I loved watching her renew her vows. It was sad seeing Vicki (through Kelly initially) trying to break down her newlywed status with hateful rumors.”

So, do you think Heather finally showed her true colors or was she just having an off day? 

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