‘Below Deck’ Recap: Kyle Dixon Comes Out To The Crew — Reveals He’s Dating A Transgender

Recap by guest blogger J.R.

Did you notice that this week’s Below Deck was 15 minutes longer than usual this week? Did you also notice that this could have very easily been shortened to the usual hour-long episodes we’re treated with, since nothing of importance happens? Not even Rebecca and Cindy, our charter psychics, could predict how much of a dud this episode was, though coming from them that isn’t saying much…


It’s the morning after the pizza incident and Ben and Emily’s date, so the tension on the boat is thick. Lauren and Kate, whom are roommates, aren’t speaking, and neither are Ben and Kelley. Kyle asks Lauren to give him a heads up whenever Sierra comes to London, so he knows to leave. So everyone is in a really pleasant mood. Sierra tells Emily about her disaster of a date. She doesn’t understand why Kyle would be so upset since she thinks she made it clear that she wasn’t as interested in him, as he was in her. You know how you could have known that for sure? TELLING HIM. Sigh.


Captain Lee then calls in Kelley for a scene we’ve seen as much as Kelley hitting on Emily instead of doing the work Captain is complaining he’s not on top of. Captain tells Kelley the pizza situation was not okay, and if something like that happens again, they’ll be confined to the crew quarters.

Kelley then goes to speak with Kate, who’s having a chat with Ben. Kelley immediately kisses Kate’s ass, because even he’s not that foolish to not do so. Ben asks if Kelley knew that he gave Emily flowers for Valentine’s Day. He didn’t, and they seem to make up for both having feelings for Emily.

The three meet with the Captain and find out their next charter guests are two psychics, Rebecca and Cindy, and their friends. They want to have dinner with the Captain and a yoga class. Afterwards, Kelley speaks to his crew and tells them what Captain told him about staying tidy. Nico is not having it and says Kelley is too emotional.


Kelley is finally proactive, and asks the guests what water activities they would like to do while on-board. They ask for a slide. Kelley leaves Nico and Kyle in charge of it as he takes the other guests out into the water. While away, the pool is floating into the middle of the ocean. As the Captain watches the deckhands with disdain. Again.

Cindy claims Rebecca is a real psychic because she predicted that Cindy would lose 23 pounds, and after three years, she finally did. I feel there should be an expiration date for when readings are still valid.

Captain Lee arrives to dinner looking very sharp. Rebecca tells him he has a very purple aura. I’m all for keeping an open mind about this stuff, but know your crowd. And Captain Lee is not in your crowd. She says she feels his mother presence and asks if she’s passed. She hasn’t. She says the Captain has always loved the sea; he hasn’t, started when he was 35. After grasping at nothing for a little longer, she claims that he’s not the only seaman in his family, this way he can’t prove she’s wrong.


She also gives Kate a reading, claiming that there’s a tall, dark, and handsome man onboard, capturing her heart. Emily doesn’t like hearing this despite knowing Kate is a lesbian.

The next morning the seas are rough. Perfectly good bottles of wine are going to waste, crashing to the ground. Most of the guests are seasick. When they finally make it to calmer waters, some of the guests practice yoga, while the others have breakfast. Ben and Kate argue for the second time this season on what to name this meal, breakfast or brunch. They argue so loudly, the Captain has to tell them that he can hear them, and to stop.


Now Rebecca…oh Rebecca. I was trying to pinpoint who she reminds me of, and I think it’s just the overall fluff of someone you would encounter on the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills. Like Dana Wilkey, who wouldn’t stop telling everyone that the sunglasses she’s wearing are $25,000, Rebecca cannot and will not stop trying to prove she’s a psychic. She will do it in ways that will make a dinner more uncomfortable than the infamous dinner party from hell at Camille’s, with Allison Dubois blowing smoke directly into your face. The best (or worst) part of it, is that while she’s supposedly all knowing, she’s completely unaware. She’s a ‘psychic’ that has no self-realization.  She can’t see that everyone else sees her as a complete fraud.


Instead, she attempts to back her psychic claims with science. During this dinner, she claims that she knows how to contact heaven, because heaven has technology. She might even create a multidimensional phone, so you too can talk to whomever you want in heaven. You can’t even leave Rebecca a voicemail at the moment because her inbox is filled with 600 heaven messages already. She asked god questions, and he said she was exactly right! Pretty sure god is actively trying to lose her number. New phone, who’s this?

AND THAT WASN’T EVEN THE WORST PSYCHIC EXPERIENCE OF THE NIGHT! Oh no – that goes to Cindy, Emily, and Ben. Cindy asks if Emily would like a reading. Emily agrees. Cindy asks if she knows a Daniel, and Ben comes over and just…stares. Cindy, secretly relived, asks and prays if Emily would like to stop since Ben is there. Emily doesn’t say anything, but her face says it all. Cindy says okay, we’ll stop. SEE I CAN READ MINDS! Ben then has himself a seat, and asks Cindy if he and Emily have a future together. After a lot of back-and-forths of should I answer or not, Cindy tells him no, they don’t. Ben then says, well I’ll show you, and asks Emily out to dinner the next night, right in that moment. But why do you need to prove yourself to someone who doesn’t matter? Male ego, more fragile than a bottle of wine, on the edge of a Valor countertop, on rough seas.

It was really aggressive and unbecoming, and just plain silly. Emily still says yes, because of course she wanted to go, though she didn’t feel uncomfortable under the circumstances. Afterwards, Lauren checks to make sure Emily is okay. She wonders why Ben is requesting couples counseling after one date. True. 

The next morning, the guests leave. Rebecca leaves with her parting words that there are some good love lives here on the boat. Emily doesn’t know if this was toward her and Ben or Ben and Kate. Emily, you are literally the only who believes this woman. Please, relax.


The crew meets for their tip meeting. Once again, Captain Lee calls out the deck crew for not having it completely together, especially with Kyle and the pool floating away. Nico stands up for Kyle, saying that he tried to warn them about it, but it was missed because of all the other chatter on the walkies. Captain also has a word with the interior crew. A light warning to not let him hear them arguing from the galley again. They received $15,000 in total, so $1350 each.

That night Ben takes Emily out again. They have a good time, and end the night with a kiss. When they get back on the boat. Kyle hears Ben compliment Emily and says, “If your game was any sharper, I’d shave with it.” He and Kate join them at the table. Kyle shows them a video of him wearing very short shorts that Kate describes as “honest.” He tells the crew how he came out to his dad as bisexual, and that he doesn’t care if who he dates is a man, woman, or transgendered. I truly respect Kyle’s honesty, and his fellow crewmates seem to as well, which is nice to watch. We end on a calm note tonight, so calm I didn’t realize it was over.


Below Deck won’t be on until Wednesday next week, leaving your Tuesday wide open to go and vote if you’re registered to do so. I can’t vouch for this, but I’m sure Captain Lee would want you too, and we wouldn’t want to let him down. Until next week!


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