#RHOC Kelly Dodd Says Shannon Beador Deserves To Get Booted — NOT Vicki Gunvalson!

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Andy Cohen played host on Watch What Happens Live to actress, Rachel Dratch, and Real Housewives of Orange County’s Kelly Dodd. He dubbed it Night of the Living Dodd.

Rachel, as usual, sipped on an entire bottle of Ramona Pinot Grigio as she watched the year’s scariest clips, including the Glamis accident and Thomas losing his mind on Southern Charm.

Andy then played a clip of Tuesday night’s RHOC finale where the ladies finally hashed out their Ireland trip. Vicki Gunvalson left Shannon Beador’s party in a huff, Kelly stood her ground, and Shannon cut ties with Vicki for good. The poll question asked if the viewers were on Kelly and Vicki’s side or if they stood behind everyone else.

Kelly stated that she had no regrets about this past season and would banish Shannon from next season if she could. And when Andy asked Rachel about the most ratchet moments this season, she picked Kelly’s use of the c-word and Vicki flashing her wonky boobs at Terry Dubrow.

We caught a sneak peek of the RHOC reunion next week. Kelly tells Shannon how mean and spiteful she is. When called out for throwing low blows, Kelly states that she would always fight dirty.

A caller asked why Shannon tried to ply Kelly with tequila and likened it to date rape. Kelly agreed.

“Like date rape without any lube. It should be a crime.”

Oh, Kelly.

“I knew she was trying to sabotage me for the third time.”

Andy also hosted a costume contest. The contestants came dressed as Kim Zolciak post nose job and Luann de Lesseps’ cell phone, complete with recriminating text messages to Tom the Cheater.

Rachel returned after the commercial break dressed as Mrs. Roper in a nod to Shannon’s 70’s party. Wearing a curly wig and an ugly kaftan, she nailed it.

A caller thought it was a good thing Vicki didn’t know about Kelly’s affair with Frank, a family friend, because she would have put Kelly on blast. Kelly denied the allegations.

“Uh…didn’t have an affair with Frank. We can call Frank. I don’t know where [sic] you’re alluding to. You’re alluding to the texts that you got from some whack job. Thank you. Tamra and Shannon, I got a million texts from you guys.”

When Andy asked her to explain further, Kelly said:

“Some girl from two years ago — it’s no secret my husband and I have had problems — but Frank and I, he’s like my brother, he’s part of my family. And you can call him if you want to.”

When asked about her friendship with Vicki, Kelly said that Vicki has always been a good friend, but she didn’t mind when the other women went after Kelly. It took the heat off Vicki — at least temporarily.

“She [Vicki] was talked to by these women. She was…they were trying to take her side away from me. But she’s said ‘sorry’ to me.”

Another caller talked about the texts that were leaked regarding Kelly and an affair with Frank. Supposedly, they came from a woman who’d had an affair with Kelly’s husband, Michael — at least that’s what Kelly suspected at the time.

“That was two years ago. Why is it coming up? Is every caller up here from Tamra and Shannon? I have a million texts from everybody that you’re trying to leak this out from two years ago. Shut the f*** up.”

The result of the poll was a close one. 51% backed “everyone else.” And Luann’s cell phone won the costume award.

So, what did you make of the finale? Are you taking Kelly and Vicki’s side or is everyone else right?

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