‘RHONJ’ Kim DePaola Hints Melissa Gorga Does Not Own Her Envy Boutique ‘Total BS’ [Exclusive]

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Real Housewives of New Jersey co-stars, Melissa Gorga and Teresa Giudice appeared on Watch What Happens Live Sunday night, and the shade was real.

Teresa and Melissa both threw jabs at former Bravo player, Kim DePaola (Kim D.) — and Kim dished it right back.

Melissa snarked that Kim was probably snooping around her boutique, ENVY, and Teresa dismissed Kim as an irrelevant gossip. Kim threw her own two cents into the mix.

Fans have been waving the FAKE flag at the renewed sisterly alliance all season — the family bitterness seemingly shelved for a contrived Bravo  storyline. No matter the real deal behind the family love-fest, Kim’s second point is a valid one. 

A document obtained by AllAboutTheTea.com from the New Jersey Division of Revenue — outlines a business entity report for ENVY by Melissa Gorga LLC  supposedly reveals no sign of the Bravoleb’s owner-connection to the business. Additionally, a local insider confirms that Melissa’s stake in the clothing boutique stops at her name.

“When the season started, Melissa needed a storyline. Melissa attached her name to the boutique strictly as a marketing partner to Jackie,” reports the tipster. “Melissa claiming ENVY as her own, is bogus. She is not on record as the owner of the business.”

If ENVY wasn’t in Melissa’s reality picture, her entire storyline would have revolved around boosting her freed sister-in-law. Melissa serving as Teresa’s full-time cheerleader might have been a tough sell, but the core premise is a believable Bravo objective.

What do you think — Melissa’s real career — or a tool to mold a more believable reality persona?


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