Amber Portwood Lashes Out At ‘Teen Mom OG’ Fan In Profanity Laced Rant Over Her Weight!

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Halloween is the scariest night of the year, and Teen Mom OG star, Amber Portwood, unleashed her inner witch Monday, when a fan hit a nerve on Instagram.

The since deleted post was like a spooky flashback, to Amber’s earliest days on the reality stage. The “old Amber” was back — the Teen Mom who was captured shoving her baby daddy down the stairs, before  prison/rehab stints supposedly changed her drug-soaked life forever. 


Amber posted a Halloween group photo of herself, live-in fiance/couch flopper, Matt Baier, and seven-year-old daughter, Leah. One of her followers made a crack about the reality star’s weight — a topic that Amber herself has adopted as a storyline on the MTV show. The fan also took a shot at Amber’s social media hint that she had recently undergone plastic surgery.

Amber was not amused — and lashed back, amping the vitriol even after the fan calmed the dialogue.


Amber blasted the viewer with nasty profanity, later deleting the post. Amber’s keyboard venom was a far cry from the reformed thug persona,  who only wants to send “love” to all of her fans.

Amber’s reality appears to be a troubled one, despite her best efforts to sell a happy portrait of a changed life. Will the real Amber Portwood please stand up?


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