Teresa Giudice Accuses Jacqueline Laurita of Snitching On Her & Shades Caroline Manzo On #WWHL

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Teresa Giudice Accuses Jacqueline Laurita of Snitching On Her & Shades Caroline Manzo

Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga joined Andy Cohen for Watch What Happens Live after the Real Housewives of New Jersey finale. Behind the bar, Rupaul’s Drag Race stars Alyssa Edwards, Shangela, and Tatianna served in their finest Halloween glamour looks.

Andy asked about the song Joe Giudice wrote for Teresa while in prison. Naturally, he wanted John Legend to perform it. Andy was surprised Joe had a hidden talent. Teresa said:

“He sent me the song, and he wrote in there, ‘I would love John Legend to sing it to you.’ You never know. Maybe season eight.”

Andy showed a second picture of Teresa and Danielle Staub practicing yoga together. He wondered how they rekindled their relationship.

“Well, you kind of started it, honey. At the reunion you brought her up. After the reunion, I was thinking…so then I just DM’d her, and right away she called me back. And then we were texting back and forth. I said do you do yoga…I’ll come to one of your yoga places you go to. And that’s how it started.”

So, are Teresa and Danielle friends now?

“You know what, it was like, where we just left off. It was totally fine.”

“Flipping tables?” Andy asked.

“Before flipping the table, when she first came on the show. But you know what, I feel like she never tried to hurt me in any way, like maliciously. And I just wanted her to know that.”

Melissa wasn’t surprised at the reconciliation of the former enemies. “I felt it coming.”

On tonight’s episode, Teresa compared Jacqueline Laurita to Osama ben Laden and called her a psycho. Then as Jacqueline fled the restaurant, Teresa said Jacqueline was a conniving, twisted, f***ing bitch. Oh, and she used the c-word. Namaste.

Jacqueline tweeted that Melissa and Teresa were too afraid to speak to her alone. Melissa defended herself.

“Nobody said they didn’t want to speak to her alone. You’re walking in, you’re a grown woman, first of all we’re going to a lunch…we didn’t even walk in and she was like you sit here, you move over there.”

On a sneak peek of the reunion, Teresa thought Jacqueline sold jail rumors to the tabloids all those years ago. She claimed Jacqueline set her up to look bad on RHONJ when Jaqueline asked about the stories. Teresa then accused Jacqueline and Caroline Manzo of calling the government and informing on her.

Melissa said of Jacqueline:

“The fakeness comes through. Once someone takes their mask off, you see that person in that light. And I think that’s what’s happening. The fake giggle thing.”

Teresa jumped in:

“Yeah, she [Jacqueline] was definitely behind things.”

A viewer wondered what Teresa thought about Jacqueline crying when something happened to Teresa’s family.

“Yeah, I know, well maybe she’s guilty of something. Why is she always crying? Exactly. The guilt’s coming through.”

A caller wanted to know what Teresa thought of Kim D.’s accusations that Joe cheated while she was in prison.

“I just laughed. Now she’s on the bandwagon? It didn’t even bother me.”

Do Teresa and Melissa think Siggy Flicker should pick a side and stop pretending to be Switzerland? Melissa said:

“Honestly though, we did speak about this and we do wish—it doesn’t have to be our side or that side—but I think now she had a little bit of loyalty to Jacqueline also because Jacqueline brought her around to the group and introduced us… I think Siggy sees it. She’s a relationship expert, and I think she seeing clearly.”

This season, it appeared that Melissa dumped Kathy Wakile once she and Teresa made up. Melissa said it wasn’t true.

Kathy and I stopped hanging out so much and talking way before Teresa went away to where she went. It was a year before that we started to separate a little bit. Things got weird, I don’t know what it was.”

What is Melissa’s current status with Caroline?

“Me and Caroline don’t speak on the phone every day. We’re just like, acquaintances. I see her, I have no problems with Caroline. I love her family. We don’t speak. We don’t go to lunch.”

Teresa put in:

“They only spoke when it was good for her [Caroline].”

Melissa stuttered:

“I, I, I…I only talked to her when I was on the show. And I saw her at Lauren’s wedding.”

Teresa added, “Again, that was taped.”

Earlier in the season, Kim D. mentioned that Melissa’s store manager had sold unflattering articles about Teresa. A caller thought that was why Derek no longer worked at Envy, but Melissa denied it. She thought Kim D. only said things about Derek to stay relevant. When Andy asked if Kim D. had ever been inside Envy, Melissa threw some serious shade.

“She probably looks in the windows at night to see what I have going on in there. She’s probably snooping.”

Next, the drag queens lip synched to various Housewives tunes. Alyssa mouthed Don’t Be Tardy for the Party, Shangela got Gone with the Wind Fabulous, and Tatianna lipped Money Can’t Buy You Class. Andy crowned Alyssa Edwards top queen.

So, here’s my question: does Teresa really believe Jacqueline and Caroline had something to do with her arrest or is she thirsty for a new storyline?


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