Shannon Beador Denies David ‘Beat Her’ & Accuses Vicki Gunvalson of Hurting Her Daughters With Lies

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Shannon Beador is obviously doing damage control in her Real Housewives of Orange County blog this week. The rumors about her husband, David’s, physical abuse came to light again when the women were in Ireland.

After a long and contentious trip, things finally exploded on the bus ride to the airport. Kelly Dodd, feeling pushed into a corner with no support from her friend, Vicki Gunvalson, started spilling the secrets Vicki had shared.

In an incident occurring in 2003, David plead guilty to “battery against a cohabitant.” Shannon already gave her account of that event back in 2014, but she was visibly distraught and shocked by Kelly’s latest allegation. 

“She said it to try and hurt Vicki, without even taking into consideration that this lie is now in the universe and my family will be harmed by it. Clearly Kelly had no concern for my three daughters…when she yells out, “How about that?” afterwards.”

Even Heather Dubrow moved to sit next to Vicki on the bus, calling her a “stupid bitch” and uttering “that’s not okay.” But she never actually accused Vicki of lying. There’s a big difference between Shannon’s account of that night and allegations that Davidbeats the shit” out of Shannon. But according to Shannon it’s all a lie, fabricated by Vicki.

“Her accusations about David are nothing but false. I absolutely confided in Vicki when we were friendly two years ago but I never, ever said that my husband “beat” me. I would no longer be in my marriage if such a thing were true.”

Shannon claimed she isn’t the only one Vicki hurt. Her kids have been wounded by Vicki’s lies, too.

“To make up such a horrible allegation against their father is entirely unfathomable to me. Vicki will hurt anyone, including my children, to promote her deceit.”

Shannon sympathizes with Kelly. Shannon was the new girl a couple of years ago, and formed a fast friendship with Vicki. When all the other women doubted Brooks’ cancer, Shannon stood by Vicki and believed everything Vicki told her. Kelly’s been in a similar position this season.

“She stated that she is the only one that has “stook” up for Vicki… It is just unfortunate that she doesn’t realize how much Vicki is using her to get back “into the good graces of the other women.” I understand where Kelly is coming from. She thought she had a good friend. Kelly is correct —  she has done nothing but defend Vicki.”

Shannon’s adamant that Vicki was lying about David’s abuse, and she cited Vicki’s history of lying as another reason to disbelieve the claims. But she’s worried some people will still believe her husband is an abuser.

“Most people will believe…that my husband has not been involved at all with Vicki’s horrendously cruel accusation… The bigger issue is that SOME people will actually believe Vicki. NO ONE should buy into the false claims of a person with a history of deception… Vicki has proven time and time again that she has a very loose relationship with the truth.”

Shannon maintained that in Ireland, Vicki was talking smack about Kelly, even as she pretended to be her friend. 

“When Vicki said that she was “trying to have (Kelly) fight her own battle and was trying to stay neutral,” that was another backhanded way of saying “I am not your friend.” …Vicki had no problem involving us by making numerous negative comments about Kelly that night in the pub…”

So, do you believe Vicki is telling the truth, that David has a pattern of abuse or do you believe Shannon’s side of the story?


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