’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Anfisa Kicks Jorge Out & Danielle Hunts Mohamed Down!

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We are coming down to the wire, as the sand in the three month hourglass disappears, on 90 Day Fiance. Which couples will make it to the altar?

Nicole and Azan

Nicole leaves Morocco in just one day, so the couple sits down to hash out the odds of pigs flying, or their relationship working out. They need to discuss the culture clash, Azan acting like a big meanie, and Nicole’s desperate need for sunscreen. Azan just wants a wife with some cultural respect, like a Moroccan girl next-door. Nicole astutely points out Azan was hunting for an American, and got one and then some. Nicole pushes him to articulate his feelings, and Azan comes through big, proclaiming his love for caring heart and her chubby grin. Nicole melts, and they both agree to change for each other. Azan might start with his shifty glances, but Nicole assures us that the train wreck we are witnessing “feels right.”

90-day-fiance-recap season 4

Her last African day dawns, and Nicole oddly comments she doesn’t want to leave, despite abandoning her toddler for five weeks. Azan’s mother warmly bids farewell, with stars and stripes in her eyes. The couple travels to the airport and nails down their American soil smooching goals. Nicole dramatically breaks down, but Azan barely flinches, likely trying to contain his joy. Nicole is peeved at his lack of emotion, as the couple separates. Azan cracks his first smile of the season, stopping just short of clicking his heels together in glee. 

90-day-fiance-recap season 4

Jorge and Anfisa

We get a juicy peek at production trying to hunt down the lovebirds, who are MIA due to a sugar daddy/gold digger squabble. Producers arrive at the couple’s apartment, and are greeted by Anfisa’s signature smirk. She grins as she warmly recollects kicking Jorge out in a diva rage. Later, Anfisa and Jorge Facetime to hash out why Jorge slept in his car all night. Anfisa acknowledges that she booted him out, but reminds him that she is just a helpless lass in a foreign country. Jorge is confused that Anfisa hasn’t loved past his bank account, and notes the difficulty of living with someone who thrives on conflict. Jorge wants to work it out — but Anfisa reminds him that you can’t fix stupid, or economically challenged.

90-day-fiance-recap season 4

Anfisa is sick of Jorge and his dumb polo shirts, so she asks him to to come back before she pelts him from above with his clothes. Jorge hopes to make it back before she changes the locks, and rolls up in a larger vehicle, perfect for overnight time-outs. Jorge apologizes, but Anfisa is annoyed, because he came bearing no cute gifts. Jorge is trying to compromise on their issues, but Anfisa giggles at the mere notion of such an idea. Anfisa wants to go home, because Jorge is lame and unromantic. She is sick of settling for a materially sacrificial existence, and is tired of waiting for her giant rock.   

90-day-fiance-recap season 4

Narkyia and Lowo

We join Narkyia in time for a quick rundown of Lowo’s shady lies. Lowo’s visa has been delayed, and Narkyia is suspicious about his paperwork excuse. Narkyia is joining him in Vietnam to make sure he is telling the truth, and leaves her son and her job behind to make the long trip. Lowo assures us that he is indeed a Nigerian prince, and that the foreign paper nuisance is the real deal. He doesn’t like it that Narkyia doesn’t trust him, but reveals that he was trying to con several online women into scoring a green card. He thinks that his family’s truths would have scared Narkyia away, so Plan B was to like through his teeth. He works to convince us that the love he has for Narkyia, is the real deal. He plans to lay it on thick when Narkyia arrives, to prove his sincere heart. Lowo prepares the Vietnam love nest with cupcakes, fluffy handcuffs, and lots of glamour shots—excited to pick his catfished honey up at the airport.


Chantel and Pedro

Chantel and Pedro are meeting with Chantel’s parents to apologize, and plead their case. Chantel hopes that her parents have warmed up to her foreign lover, but her parents assure viewers that they don’t trust either one of them. Chantel’s parents begin the meeting by laying into their daughter, prompting Chantel and Pedro to apologize. Her parents suggest a prenup, and point out that true love can’t be stopped by a commonsense legal agreement. Pedro is hurt by the lack of trust, and a lightbulb finally goes off, when Chantel admits that her parents don’t trust her judgement. Pedro fairly blames Chantel for her parents’ stance — her shady strategy killing his credibility from the get-go.

'90 Day Fiance' Recap: One Guy Calls His New Girlfriend 'Big,' Another Man Spends $70K on His Partner

Matt and Alla

It’s two weeks before the couple’s wedding, and Matt’s fourth bachelor party is planned for that evening. Matt’s jerkiest pal, Patrick, alludes to a stripper making an appearance, but Alla hopes that Matt would not go along with such a gross plan. Matt climbs aboard the nerd party bus to nowhere, while head douche in charge, Patrick, keeps sniping against Alla. A nasty stripper joins the party, trying to coax Matt to get dirty. The skank grinds on Matt, and he appears appropriately disgusted. Matt is happy that the spectacle is over — at least until the next wife.

'90 Day Fiance' Recap: One Guy Calls His New Girlfriend 'Big,' Another Man Spends $70K on His Partner

Danielle/Mohamed Update

Mohamed is back in Miami and living the life, after he got Danielle to pull the annulment, on 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?. Mohamed can focus on hot opportunities and hot women, and is excited about his future. We meet Greice, who introduces Mohamed to her pal, Amanda. The threesome giggles the sandy hours away, wondering when that ugly hag, Danielle, will bust up the party. Mohamed already regrets his friendship deal with Danielle, because the old ball and chain won’t leave him alone. TLC is working overtime to sell Mohamed as a chick magnet — and it isn’t working.


Later, we join Danielle and Beth, walking and talking about Danielle’s decision to pull the annulment, and her dream of a “friendship” with Mohamed. Beth believes the move was a mistake, because Mohamed is a manipulative liar. Danielle knows that Mohamed might be a lying green card grubber, and that her family and friends might be upset that she caved. Beth points out that Mohamed is kinda a pig — but Danielle thinks pigs are kinda cute. Mohamed won’t respond to Danielle’s stalker communications, and Danielle WILL NOT BE IGNORED. She hits the jackpot and uncovers his Miami address on a bank statement. No one said Mohamed was the brightest bulb in Tunisia, so Danielle is Miami bound, serenaded by a jaunty TLC soundtrack. Take cover all you Miami bunnies!

90-day-fiance-recap season 4

Danielle arrives in Miami, and sets out to hunt down her hubby. Danielle has changed her mind about the divorce, and wants her fiery dreamboat back. Danielle checks into a hotel and plots their delusional reunion. Mohamed now claims fear of his love-stalker, noting a history of abuse. He goes to the police station and gives them a victim’s heads up. Mohamed finally answers Danielle’s call, and agrees to one last meeting to shut down the crazy for good. Danielle growls and cries — the usual.

Next week, Danielle and Mohamed have it out on a Miami street — don’t miss the fun!


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