Vicki Gunvalson Teams Up With Kelly Dodd To Eliminate ‘Mean Girls’ Shannon, Tamra, Heather Who Fake Storylines

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We all know how the Real Housewives of Orange County ended their trip to Ireland: with tears, jeers, and names like “trash” and “liar” being tossed around like a verbal Frisbee.

Kelly Dodd felt cornered and picked on by the other women and Kelly retaliated. She started spilling all the tea she’d heard throughout the season, and the fighting escalated.

But now Vicki and Kelly are friends once more and presenting a united front. They have one agenda: getting rid of mean girls — Tamra Judge, Heather Dubrow, and Shannon Beador.

A Twitter fan wondered if the show were scripted, and congratulated Kelly for exposing the mean girls for who they really are. Kelly tweeted back that the show was indeed real, and she would be happy to see the bad girl brigade exit the show. “Keep Vicki Gunvalson and get rid of the rest,” Kelly tweeted.

Vicki responded by questioning why the fans would want to watch mean girls “faking” a storyline.

When they got home to the OC, Kelly and Vicki had a talk. Vicki couldn’t say anything in Kelly’s defense because her situation was too precarious with the other women. She didn’t want to rock the boat now that she’d wiggled her way back inside the group. Vicki showed some remorse over the way she handled things, and the two women hugged. Now, they’re on mission “Take Down the Mean Girls.”

Speaking of mean girls, Heather Dubrow is now on the fans hate list for having called Kelly, “trash.” Even Meghan Edmonds could see how “conniving” Heather was. She was disappointed that Heather would stoop so low and bully Kelly.

It looks like sides have been chosen for the reunion. So, whose side are you on?


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