Siggy Flicker Compares Herself To Lisa Vanderpump & Says She’s The ‘Best Addition’ In ‘RHONJ’ History

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Siggy Flicker Compares Herself To Lisa Vanderpump & Says She's 'Best Addition' In 'RHONJ' History

Siggy Flicker awkwardly danced her way onto the Wendy Williams show on Friday.

Siggy has been a previous guest on Wendy, but this was the first time she had “couch” status, and it’s all because she’s on The Real Housewives of New Jersey.

Before she parked herself, Siggy posed and yelled, “This is what fifty looks like.” However, Wendy reminded us that Siggy was sporting bandages from her facelift in the season opener. It’s easier to look fresh with a little surgical assistance, no?

The first thing out of Wendy’s mouth was the gospel truth: “Siggy and reality TV don’t mix.” Wendy thought Siggy was too happy and cute for the Housewives. Siggy disagreed, saying the show had gotten “dark” and “ugly.” She proclaimed that “everyone needs a Siggy.” Yeah, I’m not convinced.

Then she complained that:

“Beverly Hills is allowed to be classy, but Jersey has to stay in the mud?”

Siggy mistakenly thought her very presence elevated the show. And then she had the audacity to compare herself to Housewives royalty.

“Every franchise needs someone you can look up to. Take Lisa Vanderpump for example, because she’s a class act. You have to have different characters… I think Dolores Catania and I are the best additions in the history of Housewives.”

Was she watching the same show as the rest of us? Because every time these two popped up on my TV, I wanted to fast forward through their scenes. And besides that, Siggy reminded me of a hyper Chihuahua with her manic yapping. But I digress.

Wendy noted that some fans thought Jacqueline Laurita had gone cuckoo this season, but Wendy liked the new feisty Jac. Siggy explained that Jac had a lot on her plate, and never trusted Teresa Giudice’s offer of friendship. Then she tried to defend Teresa:

Teresa just came out of camp—”

Wendy burst out, “Jail! Can we just stop…c’mon. Jail. Prison.” And Siggy conceded the point.

Earlier this season, Siggy asked Teresa if the cheating rumors involving Joe Giudice were true. Teresa told Siggy, “If I knew his wee wee was in another cookie, I wouldn’t be with him.”

Siggy demanded that the accusations stop unless someone has proof of Joe’s infidelity. She insisted that Joe and Teresa are in love and their marriage will make it through his stint in prison.

But the real reason Siggy joined the RHONJ cast was to preach her philosophy about life which you can find in her book, Write Your Own Fairy Tale. She claimed it was her “bible.”

“If I can help one person…or a million…I’ve done my job.”

Wendy asked about the news that Danielle Staub might come back next season. Siggy said she refused to fight other people’s war. Not Jacqueline’s or Teresa’s. She’ll be welcoming to anyone who comes on the show, but:

“If Felicia comes knocking on my door, she’s leaving in a body bag.”

At this point, it’s uncertain whether Siggy herself will have a sophomore season. She said that she hasn’t received a contract because this season isn’t finished.

So, do you agree with Wendy — is reality TV a bad fit for Siggy? Or are you thanking the Bravo gods that Siggy arrived this season?


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