Teresa Giudice Accuses Jacqueline Laurita Of Using Her To Stay Relevant & Wrongly Pissing Off Dolores Catania

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Teresa Giudice isn’t likely to make up with Jacqueline Laurita any time soon. Especially after Jacqueline wore that “Namast’ay Away From Me” t-shirt to Dolores Catania’s housewarming party. On her Real Housewives of New Jersey blog, Teresa accused Jaqueline of being passive-aggressive and latching onto Teresa’s storyline to stay relevant.

Though Teresa had previously agreed to go to Dolores’s party, she later canceled so that she could stay at home with her girls and talk to her imprisoned husband, Joe on the phone. Naturally, Dolores understood. Even Siggy Flicker had nothing but sympathy for Teresa’s problems.

Teresa felt that everyone had been supportive. Except for Jacqueline.

Dolores made sure to let me know that she understood why I couldn’t be there. She is a good friend. So is Siggy. I liked what she said about how women should be there to lift each other up.”

While Jacqueline had a bad case of laryngitis, her shirt did the talking for her. She didn’t know Teresa wouldn’t be at the party, and Teresa felt the shirt was a personal swipe at her and her new yoga lifestyle.

Jacqueline was doing the opposite, especially when she showed up at Dolores‘s wearing a shirt saying, “Namast’ay Away From Me.”

According to Teresa, that shirt was yet another jab, another chance to stir the pot. And without Teresa, Jacqueline wouldn’t even have a storyline. Teresa believes that Jacqueline keeps the drama going in order to stay relevant, all the while playing the victim in her passive-aggressive way.

“There she goes again, playing the victim, crying and whining about getting ganged up on, then she goes and does something passive aggressive like that. She loves to stir the pot, that girl. I found it all entertaining. …it just showed me that like others, she needs me to stay relevant.”

But Jacqueline isn’t the only person who’s riding Teresa’s coattails. She stated on Bravo’s Daily Dish that her cousins, Kathy Wakile and Rosie Perri, have found fame in her shadow. They joined the show to get some notoriety for themselves by speaking badly about her and her family. In fact, Teresa thought they should send her a thank you note.

“Yeah it’s hard because it’s sad that people, that your family, come on the show and do things and do nasty things for money and fame. No, never [do we talk]…[Rosie and Kathy are all] about the money and it’s all about the fame…They put our family through the mud, it’s disgraceful. And I’m over it and I’m not doing it anymore… You should tell Kathy and Rosie I’m still waiting for my thank you card.”

While Teresa may want nothing to do with Kathy and Rosie, Jacqueline remains close to the sisters. Rather than go to Joe Giudice’s farewell party, Jacqueline and Chris met Kathy, Rosie, and their partners for a night out. Kathy and Rosie have been featured on the show this season mostly accompanying Jacqueline.

Dolores has been able to remain friends with all parties involved, but even she had her limits. Because she was ill, Jacqueline couldn’t attend the Women’s Empowerment Night at Dolores’s gym. Dolores called her to make sure she wasn’t coming, but Jacqueline took that as dig. She thought Dolores was trying to make her look bad for skipping the event. Later, the two women spoke about it over the phone, and Dolores told Jacqueline to “go f*** herself.”

Teresa was shocked that Dolores lost her temper with Jacqueline. Normally, Dolores is very calm. According to Teresa, even Dolores lost her temper with Jacqueline’s behavior.

“I also thought it was interesting when I saw that Jacqueline got Dolores mad. Dolores is so even-keeled and easy to get along with, so for her to get mad like that…But it goes to show you that I’m not the only one Jacqueline is ticking off.”

When Dolores and Siggy talked about what happened with Jacqueline, they both agreed that Jacqueline had become paranoid about her friendships. Because of her argument in Vermont with Melissa Gorga and Teresa, she was feeling very sensitive.

It looks like the fireworks aren’t over for Jacqueline, Melissa, and Teresa. We still have Envy’s fashion show coming up, and you know nothing good ever happens at a RHONJ fashion show!

So, do you think Jacqueline was wrong to swipe at Teresa? Was she wrong to pick a fight with Dolores? Do you think Andy will be able to get a word in edgewise at the reunion?


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