Heather Dubrow Denies Threatening To Sue Kelly Dodd Over Terry Dubrow Secret Exposed In Ireland #RHOC

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Heather Dubrow Denies Threatening To Sue Kelly Dodd

Real Housewives of Orange County fans are taking swipes at Heather Dubrow for her treatment of Kelly Dodd in Ireland.

For the last few weeks, Heather has been on the receiving end of harsh viewer backlash. Many people have voiced their opinion of Heather’s behavior on Twitter, calling her a “mean girl” and accused her of instigating Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge to follow her lead in bullying Kelly.

Heather took to Twitter to defend herself, but she also admitted some blame, too, stating they “were all wrong for different reasons” and promised more would come out during the upcoming reunion.

While some gave Heather props for taking the blame for what happened, others thought she was simply trying to change her attitude now that the fans had turned against her.

Another fan agreed, saying Heather was trying to cover herself.

The same viewer noted that Heather’s “true colors” had shown through by the way she treated Kelly.

The bus ride to the airport showed Heather’s angry side as she berated Kelly. One person called Heather the “ultimate mean girl.”


Another thought Heather was the “leader of the pack.”


Before the latest episode aired, Heather posted a selfie of herself and Shannon at Tamra’s fitness competition. (Vicki’s daughter, Briana, and Meghan Edmonds were seen seated behind them.) While Heather’s Instagram was harmless and congratulatory on Tamra’s win, fans vented their disgust with Heather’s behavior in Ireland. Once again, she was called a bully, an instigator, and not as classy as she thinks she is. Some even added the hashtag #getridofheather.

On Watch What Happens Live, Tamra said that Vicki had not only spread gossip about Eddie and David, she’d thrown Terry and Jim under the bus, too. Fans didn’t get to hear what was said about Terry during the bus ride to the airport. The omission caused some to wonder if Heather threatened to sue Kelly for making accusations against her husband.

Heather denied that she had any intention of suing.

The bus ride to the airport reached a fever pitch when Kelly learned that Vicki had been talking behind her back, saying she didn’t like Kelly’s behavior when she was drinking. Kelly, tired of Vicki’s refusal to come to her defense, told the women everything Vicki had been saying about them. Vicki said that Shannon’s husband, David, “beat the shit out of her.” Shannon started crying hysterically and lashed out at Vicki. Could this be the secret Vicki hinted at a few weeks ago, the one she threatened to reveal if Shannon kept calling her a liar?

Tamra insisted that Kelly tell her what else Vicki had been saying. Turns out, Vicki spread rumors that Eddie had cheated and was gay. Angered to the point of breaking, Tamra leaned toward Vicki until they were nose to nose and screamed “F*** YOU!”

Throughout it all, Vicki remained calm and denied saying anything about Eddie. But Heather wasn’t as cool about it. She repeatedly called Kelly “trash” and said she felt sorry for Kelly’s daughter, Jolie.

Heather walked from the back of the bus to Meghan, who sat quietly during the whole exchange. Heather patted Meghan’s face and kissed her cheek, apologizing that the trip was ruined by “trash.” Meghan said she thought the entire scene had been mean, but Heather misinterpreted and continued to bash Kelly.

“She’s mean. She’s damaged. She’s got problems. I just feel sad for her.”

Once the women arrived at the airport, Heather took charge, telling the other women to ignore Kelly. Shannon and Tamra agreed not to speak to Kelly on the trip home. In her talking head, Meghan stood up for Kelly and called Heather “conniving.”

Heather’s deflecting her role in this whole debacle. It’s conniving and I see right through it. It’s disappointing.”

In Heather’s talking head, she put all the blame on Kelly.

“Should Vicki have given all this negative information to Kelly? No but the fact is Kelly’s the one that’s screaming it to everyone on the bus. I’m so sick of Kelly going after everyone. These are my friends.”

But now it seems that after seeing how fans have responded to her actions, Heather is backing off and accepting some of the blame. It should be interesting to see what else comes to light during the reunion.


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