Shocking! Simon Saran Accuses Amber Portwood’s Deadbeat Boyfriend Matt Baier of ‘Beating’ Her Ass!

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Teen Mom OG is winding down, and side-player, Simon Saran, is using Twitter to blast the cast, the network, and the MTV show.

Simon has popped in as Farrah Abraham’s on-again, off-again love interest, over the last two seasons. Simon has been “roasting” various cast members, posting his own thoughts and retweeting fan input. One recent post landed Amber Portwood, 26, and her live-in fiance, Matt Baier in a shocking hot seat.

Simon’s slams shifted from snark to dark, when he accused Matt of physically abusing Amber.

Matt and Amber’s relationship has invited harsh public criticism, from the beginning. Matt, 47, has been busted for plotting to snag other Teen Moms via social media, before Amber took the bait. It was discovered that Matt had fathered several children by different baby mamas, allegedly keeping some of his children hidden from his reality star fiance. Many viewers believe that Matt is a shady character—but Amber tirelessly defends her much older man.

Simon has also been making a habit of bashing MTV and the highly scrutinized Teem Mom formula. Many fans believe that the show has morphed from an honest portrayal of the hardships of teen pregnancy, to a payout supporting career deadbeats, addicts and fame whores.

Simon alleges that MTV puts out bonus cash for the young mothers to have live-in lovers. MTV has long been accused of reportedly offering bonus incentives for the young moms to have multiple children.

Simon confirmed earlier this month that he currently maintains only a friendship with Teen Mom veteran, Farrah Abraham.

Teen Mom OG airs Mondays, on MTV.


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