Melissa Gorga Accuses Jacqueline, Kathy and Rosie Of Being Rude To Her Husband At Dolores’ Party

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Things sure are chilly on The Real Housewives of New Jersey, at least as far as Jacqueline Laurita and Melissa Gorga are concerned.

They’ve been frosty all season, but after that trip to Vermont, we have a cold war on our hands. Melissa takes none of the blame and lays it all on Jacqueline’s shoulders.

When Dolores Catania finally finished her kitchen remodel, she decided to have a party to celebrate. Dolores plays it neutral, so she invited everyone. But Jacqueline wasn’t ready to thaw toward Melissa, and the feeling was mutual. 

“I wanted to come celebrate, but I had no desire to see Jacqueline or deal with more unnecessary drama. It was awkward to watch when Joe went to say hello to everyone. That whole crew looked so bitter and was very rude to him.”

By “crew” she’s talking about her former friends, Kathy and Richie Wakile and Rosie.

“I was also surprised when Chris pulled Joe away to discuss the Vermont trip. The husbands have been pretty good about staying out of our drama, but it seems Chris has now become the conductor of Jacqueline’s runaway train.”

Hey, Melissa and Teresa Giudice have something in common, after all. Neither one wants to take responsibility for their part in the argument. They always shift the blame.

“I think that Joe was…the bigger person in this situation. His intentions were to move forward… I’m not sure what Joe said actually sunk in, as Chris was obnoxiously being beckoned by his wife, who was outside beeping the horn in her passive-aggressive tee.”

Yes, because Melissa was so warm and fuzzy toward the Lauritas. And never mind that Jacqueline couldn’t even talk, even if she wanted to.

Life without Joe Giudice has been hard on his family. Teresa is having to do things like take out the trash, y’all! Fortunately, she has her new bestie, Melissa, there for moral support.

“It was hard to watch this episode and see how Teresa and the girls were adjusting without Joe. It’s clearly a difficult transition, but they truly are a strong family.”

Anyway, Melissa has other things worry about besides Teresa’s tragedy. Envy is having its first fashion show!

“…I was really feeling the pressure, especially with my partner Jackie being out of the country. What wasn’t shown, and I feel I need to clear up, was my absence from the Ladies Night at Dolores’s gym. It was the night before the fashion show, and I spent that evening planning the order of looks, doing seating, etc…”

And don’t forget she had to shave Joe’s back. It’s all about priorities, people.

Dolores knew Jacqueline wouldn’t make it to ladies night — she was too ill to attend. But Dolores called her anyway. Jacqueline felt that Dolores was trying to make her look bad on camera. Melissa thinks Jac has done lost her mind.

“I hate to say this, but I wasn’t surprised to hear that one of Jacqueline’s biggest defenders was on the receiving end of her paranoia… Hearing Dolores describe how Jacqueline accused her of setting her up and then threatened to twist the whole situation made me realize that I’m not the only friend that Jacqueline is wrongly second guessing.”

Yeah, because Melissa has been a great friend this season. Just ask Kathy and Rosie  they’ll tell you all about Melissa’s loyalty.

So, should Melissa squash her beef with Jacqueline or do you think that friendship is over for good. Are you liking this Boss Lady persona Melissa has developed? And will her fashion show rival Kim D.’s?


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