Twitter Blasts Heather Dubrow For Provoking & Escalating Ireland Bus Trip From Hell!

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Real Housewives of Orange County

Fans raked Heather Dubrow, after The Real Housewives of Orange County star tried to manipulate a cast meltdown, during the dark conclusion of the Ireland trip.

A routine trip to the airport turned chaotic, when Kelly spilled scandalous secrets about Tamra Judge and Shannon Beador’s husbands. David was tagged as an alleged wife beater, and the longtime rumor questioning Eddie’s sexuality was exposed.

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There were four women involved in the drama — but Heather’s pushy intervention added a fifth player to the mix. Heather pointed her finger at Kelly, blasting her as “the most vulgar, vile trash.” She called Vicki a “stupid bitch” and scolded her like a misbehaving student. She offered Meghan her signature “she’s crazy” shtick, speaking down to her like an over-controlling parent, indoctrinating a frightened child.

“I’m sorry your beautiful trip was ruined by that trash,” Heather purred, while stroking Meghan’s cheek. “You ok? Are you sure? She’s mean..she’s damaged..she’s got problems. I feel sad for her.”

Meghan didn’t buy the Emmy attempt, and spoke to the camera, calling out  Heather’s manipulative pep talk.

“Really? Heather’s deflecting her role in this whole debacle,” Meghan said. “It’s conniving — and I see right through it.”

The viewers saw through it as well, and blasted Heather on Twitter, for her self-righteous interference.

One viewer hit the nail on the head — and this one probably made Miss Fancy Pants flinch. 

Heather promises that all will be explained at the reunion, and on Twitter  labels her actions as “protecting her friends.”

How do you think Heather will explain away her bossy buttinski act?   


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