Shannon Beador & Tamra Judge Talk Kelly Dodd’s Explosive Allegations In Ireland On #WWHL

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Tonight on Watch What Happens Live, Real Housewives of Orange County stars, Shannon Beador and Tamra Judge, joined Andy Cohen in the clubhouse. Quiet Riot drummer, Frankie Banali tended bar.

Eddie and David sat in the audience. David reacted to the accusations Vicki Gunvalson made about him beating Shannon.

“Well, you know I regretted calling Vicki a pig. But her lies continue to reinforce that she is one.”

Eddie had a more mellow response.

“Personally, it goes in one ear and out the other. Whatever she says doesn’t really mean anything to me, because she doesn’t really mean anything to me.”

Next, Andy played a clip of Vicki talking about what a great time everyone had in Ireland, while sprinkling in flashbacks of the fights between the women. Her idea of an “amazing trip” was different from Tamra and Shannon’s.

Andy posed the poll question of the night: who was more to blame for what went down on tonight’s episode of RHOC, Vicki or Kelly. Tamra thought Vicki was the center of all the drama, but Shannon thought Kelly and Vicki shared the blame equally.

Last week, Shannon ordered Kelly shots of tequila at dinner, despite the fact that Kelly repeatedly said she didn’t want any. Was it really an attempt to get Kelly drunk? Shannon said no.

“First of all, I doubled everybody’s drink… Kelly talked the entire day about wanting to go out that night. All of a sudden, she showed up completely tired, but during the trip she told us tequila was an upper. So, I ordered tequila for the entire table. I was not just singling out Kelly. And she’s a big girl. Don’t drink it then. She said earlier that day at the picnic, ‘I just want to pace myself.’ …just say no. Vicki was pouring drinks down everybody’s throat the day before. Are we jumping on her ass?”

Shannon stated that everyone was drinking, but Tamra interrupted to say she’d only had water with dinner. She also said:

“I think what you didn’t see was Shannon ordering drinks for me. You see at one point she says four drinks. There’s only four of us. I wasn’t drinking.”

At Tamra’s fitness competition, the atmosphere was tense. Heather pretended that nothing had happened in Ireland, but Shannon ignored Vicki and Kelly. While Tamra admitted she didn’t blame Shannon, she met up with Kelly post-Ireland to hash out their differences. “Where we left off, let’s face it, was in a bad place. So when we met, she was nice.”

Andy gave Tamra a confused look, “Did I ever think you’d become the voice of reason on the show?”

Tamra agreed, “I’m trying to see everybody’s good side.”

Andy pointed out that she’s not drinking much either. That might contribute to her calm approach with her castmates, “Right. I’m not a good drunk.”

Andy said sarcastically, “I think we’ve seen that for eight seasons.”

Andy O’Cohen, the mischievous Irish cartoon character, dragged out his annoying accent to ask if Vicki sent herself flowers to the hotel in Ireland. Tamra said:

“I 100% think Vicki sent them. I actually said it in scene, but they didn’t show it. It was so like, her expression, ‘Oh, wow. Flowers.’”

Did anyone care about Meghan’s journey to find her Irish roots?

Shannon put it down to hormones, “She’s pregnant. She wants to look into her heritage.”

A viewer wondered if the ladies had any regrets from the tequila dinner. Tamra claimed that she was clueless through the whole thing.

“I actually watched the tequila dinner, and I thought ‘I didn’t know any of that was happening.’ I wasn’t drinking. I didn’t order.”

Another viewer thought Tamra wasn’t a very good Christian when she screamed obscenities in Vicki’s face.

“No, it wasn’t very Christian. But Christians make mistakes, and I’m not perfect.”

Tamra and Vicki have been friends for years, but next week’s finale shows the two arguing at Shannon’s party. Tamra wants Vicki to stop talking about everyone, and Vicki refuses to apologize again.

A male caller asked for a current description of Tamra’s sex life, “I’m not going to talk about my sex life on national TV.”

Andy waved the bullshit flag, reminding her that he asked about it during the reunion. But Tamra knows Andy.

The caller mentioned the rumors about Eddie’s sexuality. Tamra shot back: “Who? Vicki?”

The caller argued further, saying, “Look at Eddie. I mean, he doesn’t look…he has a few tendencies that could be skewed as homosexual.”

The camera panned to Eddie throughout the exchange. He just smiled.

Tamra finally reached her limit.

“Let’s just put it this way. Me and Eddie are such trolls, I need to be married to someone that’s gay…why? What’s the point of it?”

Andy said that if Eddie were gay, they’d be proud to have him on the team.

Tamra asked, “Why is it that a hot guy can’t be straight?”

Shannon attested to their high sex drive, “Can I just say we couldn’t get into the room earlier to get ready?”

Tamra threw in, “He said, ‘All I need is two minutes, babe.’”

Another caller asked both women where the rumors about the husbands originated. Shannon stated, “From Vicki Gunvalson’s head.”

Tamra agreed.

“I think honestly because Vicki dated Brooks, and he, in everybody’s eyes, was such a bad guy, she went after all our husbands. She didn’t just go after David and Eddie. She went after Jim, she went after Terry, you just didn’t see it.”

If they hadn’t planned on setting Kelly up, why had they all dressed in black, saying it was for Kelly’s funeral? Tamra fielded that one, claiming they hadn’t coordinated their outfits.

“My sarcastic, although I’m not Jewish — Kelly says all Jews are sarcastic—I really felt like my comments set the tone, and it was just one of my sarcastic comments. Because I wasn’t with the rest of the girls all day long. I was with Meghan.”

A caller complimented Tamra for being able to forgive and suggested that Shannon should do the same. Shannon became defensive.

“I have forgiven, and I’ve actually spoken to the pastor at our church about it. Forgiving someone doesn’t mean you need to let them back in your life. It’s actually a smart thing, not bringing someone in who continually lies. And now Vicki’s put an allegation about my husband that’s a criminal act, and that is horrendous. So, I’m happy with the decision I made. It doesn’t mean I’m not letting go. I’m a kind person.”

Tamra gave an update on Ryan and Sarah’s marriage.

“They’re actually doing really well. They’re living together again. Ava’s coming up on her second birthday. Ryan is back. He’s taking college classes at night and working during the day. Sarah’s got two jobs, so they’re very busy.”

When Shannon’s mother-in-law appeared in one episode, rumors swirled (via Vicki) that David took his mistress to meet his family, something Shannon denied.

“No. Once again, another…she [Vicki] says she’s proved this… No, David’s mother never met her.”

Shannon hasn’t gotten her chin hair removed either, despite Kelly’s snarky dig, but Tamra has, Tamra and Meghan came home and shaved their face.”

Tamra didn’t act bothered by being outted, “There’s nothing wrong with shaving your face.”

Andy agreed. “Caroline [Manzo] did it for years.”

Frankie has been following the show all season and gave his opinion on Kelly, “I never thought I would ever find anyone who made Brandi look balanced and in control. But I’m not judgmental.”

Did the ladies think Heather was a little too caught up in the drama when it didn’t have anything to do with her? Shannon said:

“I think you’re seeing Heather defending her friends. If she were put in the situation that Tamra and I were, we would defend her the same way. So, I don’t see her getting overinvolved at all.”

Tamra thought she knew why Vicki had been spreading gossip all season.

“I think that Vicki is jealous…she’s super insecure, and she’s jealous of anybody that has a really good life. I think she sees Eddie and I as a solid couple, and she wants that.”

Tonight’s poll laid the blame from tonight’s argument at Vicki’s feet. A whopping 77%. So, do you agree? Was the fight in the hotel hallway, and later on the bus, because of Vicki, or was Kelly the one who started all the drama?



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