Fans Blast Kim Zolciak Over Disturbing Photo Of 2-Year-Old Daughter

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Kim Zolciak is under fire!

The Don’t Be Tardy star posted a photo over the weekend of her 2-year-old daughter, Kaia Rose, with a gash on her nose, suggesting it was baby’s first plastic surgery.

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Many fans on social media felt Kim was exploiting her daughter and quick to let her have it.

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Kim posted a sarcastic note along with the following picture of Kaia — her post captioned,  

“If you zoom in on my nose you will see my mom is already molding my face to look just like hers…as I stand there in anticipation I can’t wait to see what my face will look like,” followed by the disturbing hashtags below:

  • #SamePlasticSurgeon
  • #StartingAnArmyOfKims
  • #WeDontLookAlikeCuzOfGenes
  • #ItsPhotoshop
  • #ImToughLikeMyBrothers
  • #FellFlatOnMyFace
  • #HappyFridayHaveAGreatWeekend


Kim’s fans were quick to point out how dangerous and disgusting the photo was and the reality mom was moved to delete the pic.

“There are more creeps than you’d ever realize on social media. Don’t assume people look like their photo. I would not want a pervert ogling photos of my young daughter. It’s not worth it, not even close. This is also how dangerous stalkers are bred. Please think.”

“I know my comment will be deleted and I will be called a troll just know when horrible things like this pop up randomly I have every right to comment. You are a horrible disgusting mother.”

“If this picture was posted by anyone else people would think it horrible but for some reason all [of] your crazy trash finds adore it and you. I feel sorry for your kids and the kids of your followers.”

“This is disgusting. She’s like 3 its inappropriate regardless. She’s gonna end up like her mother.”

“Jesus, why…I love your show and all but you did get word don on your nose! Just admit it already…you and your girls all have the same nose because you got your nose to match Brielles…and it looks great…better than your old nose…but enough already!”


Tell us what you think. Is this just business as usual for Kim or has she finally crossed a line exploiting her two-year old daughter?


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