’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Anfisa Demands Jorge Buys Her Love & Danielle Accepts It’s Over

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The days, hours and minutes are ticking away on 90 Day Fiance. Will any of this week’s couples make it closer to the altar? Let’s catch up with the international drama! 

Jorge and Anfisa

90 Day Fiance kicks off with Jorge and Anfisa, preparing to go ring shopping. Jorge reveals that he is baffled by Anfisa’s modeling aspirations, and is annoyed that other men will be ogling her in her undies. Anfisa doesn’t care, because she has set her sights on half-naked fame and fortune. Jorge is over the moon about their love affair, and Anfisa agrees, flashing her signature blank stare. Anfisa is two months into her 90 days, and hasn’t yet scored a rock, so the couple hits a jewelry store to check out the options. Anfisa won’t settle for less than three carats, but the jeweler winks, and dangles a $150k five carat beauty. Anfisa believes that her heart is worth five carats, and giggles at the mere notion of a cheapo ring. Jorge tells her that he would be happy with her $40k clearance-priced heart.

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Anfisa demands a sit-down, and Jorge takes her to a Russian restaurant to break the news that he is not Bill Gates. He drops the dirty B word — and Anfisa suggests that he downgrade to a budget car to pay for her demands. Anfisa is brutally honest, and feels that she was sold a bill of goods. Jorge asks her if money is everything, and she responds with a raised eyebrow, and a “DUH.” Anfisa admits to dating him for his money, and wonders why this disclosure suddenly bothers him. Jorge is horrified that his true love hasn’t evolved — but Anfisa doesn’t budge. Anfisa reminds him that she is not ugly nor “big a little bit,” and is more than holding up her end of the bargain. Jorge insists that love doesn’t have a price tag, and Anfisa responds by almost rolling her eyes into blackout. Anfisa proudly admits that she is beautiful and deserves the best — case closed. Anfisa threatens to vamoose to Russia, and Jorge is stressed, torn between his debt and his heart.


Nicole and Azan

Nicole’s month long stay in Morocco is almost over, and we join the couple with only four days remaining, before she travels back to the states. We remember the desert engagement, while Nicole reveals that a fight went down right after she plunked her oversized behind into the sand. Nicole describes the emotional rollercoaster as careening ride of groping and fighting. Azan is sick of Nicole’s complaining and phone habits, and Nicole is worried that dumping her daughter for five weeks won’t pay off. Speaking of May, we jump back to Florida and catch up with Nicole’s daughter, who is being cared for by Nicole’s sister. Nicole is sending mixed signals back home, and her mom thinks that it’s time for a hard dose of reality.

90-day-fiance_Nicole and Azan

Back in Morocco, Nicole is worried about going through with the K-1 visa. Azan is annoyed that Nicole doesn’t appreciate his culture and tries again,  explaining the five-time daily Muslim prayer calls. Nicole busts Azan for not participating, and Azan admits it, adding that Nicole is not allowed in the mosque to check it out. Azan tries to explain away the men-only mosque rules on demanding birthing schedules, but Nicole doesn’t buy it. Azan reminds her that she’s in his country — and Nicole fires back that his country is weird and they would all be better off in America. The couple ups their mutual disdain, by telling a producer that they would never convert religions, while shooting each other side-eyes. Nicole later meets with a local contact of her mother’s, aka a TLC plant, who serves up some common sense advice that any ten-year-old would already know. The woman tells her to drop the sketchy fairy tale, and get real. Nicole knows that the next two days will determine her and Azan’s fate.


Matt and Alla

We join Matt and Alla, and welcome Matt’s cooky mother, Mery Ann, back into the mix. Alla compliments Mery Ann on her fab job raising her bland son, and learn that Alla lost her own mother a few years back. She appreciates Mery Ann, and wants to share her wedding dress with her future mom-in-law. Alla looks lovely, and Mery Ann gushes over the dress. Alla wants a beach sunset wedding, which triggers Mery Ann’s memories of one of Matt’s several failed marriages. Alla wants a Florida ceremony, but Mery Ann isn’t on board with another beach flop. Later the family celebrates Max’s 8th birthday, and Mery Ann breaks the news that a beach flashback  might be too pricey. She offers a wedding in a sandy house, but Alla isn’t happy, and wants Mery Ann to bug off with her lame ideas. Later on, the couple checks out a venue, and luckily Matt and Alla are on board. The wedding is going down in two weeks, and a sure to be snoozy fourth bachelor party is  set for the next day.


Chantel and Pedro

Chantel reminds us about her obnoxious engagement bomb, dropped last week. River is hurt and wants to meet with his sister, to discuss her upcoming mistake. River spills that everyone is worried and unhappy, because of Chantel’s shady game. River calls his sis a dirty liar, and Chantel admits that she has let her family down, and caused much pain. River doesn’t like Pedro, because he co-signed the shenanigans. Chantel halfheartedly asks for forgiveness, but River and their parents are hurt, and unhappy. Chantel and Pedro are alone, and their only cheerleaders — hardly a shock. River is heartbroken, and believes that it won’t end well. Chantel agrees to meet with her parents and try to fix the sad mess. 

90-day-fiance-recap season 4

Danielle and Mohamed Update

We pick up with Danielle and Mohamed with Danielle on her way to Walmart Tom’s for a marriage counseling sesh. Mohamed needs a divorce to stay in the country, and so he invited Danielle over to to reach an agreement. Mohamed asks Tom to sit in due to his past strip-mall  counseling experience, as the discussion kicks off. Danielle wants Mohamed to work on their issues, but Mohamed just wants to be freed from being locked in her creepy doll-infested bedroom. They bust each other over canoodling with others, and quibble over their opposing views. Tom intervenes, and sides with Mohamed. Danielle growls inwardly at Tom, but he continues his FREE MOHAMED crusade. Mohamed begs Danielle to listen, but his wife looks like she’s nodded off. Danielle comes to life, sobbing and gasping — transitioning from anger to acceptance and back to anger — refusing his demands. Mohamed throws her a bone of concern, but is salivating at the chance of freedom in America.


Mohamed checks in with his wife the next day, with his fingers crossed. Danielle doesn’t answer, and melts down again at the idea of releasing Mohamed. Mohamed asks for a ride to the courthouse, and a divorce while she’s at it. Danielle agrees, and hopes that they will have a doll-less friendship — because a little Mohamed is better than none. The couple drives to the courthouse, and Mohamed continues to blast Danielle with insults. Mohamed is used to Danielle’s hysterics, so he ignores the weepy responses. Danielle pulls the annulment, but does not file for divorce. The couple has a goodbye meeting, for one last sob-fest. Mohamed throws her a “that’s life” sendoff before he takes off for Miami. Danielle sniffles out a farewell, and the couple hugs one last time.


Next week, Chantel and Pedro hash it out with her parents, Matt is tormented by a stripper, Anfisa wants out, and Nicole demands answers. Mohamed is living it up in Miami, but Danielle is not far behind, blubbering her way to south Florida. Stay tuned!


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