EXCLUSIVE: Teresa Giudice Violates Probation By Hanging Around Felon Danielle Staub?

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Teresa Giudice has reunited with the woman who triggered her infamous table flip, setting the low bar for reality TV drama — her criminal Real Housewives of New Jersey frenemy, Danielle Staub.

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The reality felon shocked fans when she posted a photo sharing a namaste moment with Danielle. Unfortunately for Teresa, canoodling with a sister felon is a probationary no-no.


Danielle, 53, spoke to Page Six about the poignant zen-fest, and shared about being taken by surprise, when her former co-star made contact. 

“I absolutely didn’t speak to anyone [from the cast] up until a few weeks ago when Teresa reached out to me,” Staub revealed. “It was for a very, very genuine reason and it just started with a dialogue.”

Danielle didn’t mention her relentless social media push to drag out some love from Bravo. Three months ago, she raked the entire NJ cast, and her Twitter account has been saturated with a campaign to score a spot on the eighth season of the ratings-challenged franchise. This yoga photo-op pushed her effort over the top, with the star of the show apparently co-signing a comeback.

“I felt like it was just genuine and she walked in and everyone in the room saw us. She was a little late and class was already in session, and you don’t stop what you’re doing, but I stopped to give her a hug and then I had a mat next to me and we continued our class,” Danielle said, describing her first meeting with a post-prison Teresa. “After class, people were coming up in tears and going, ‘Did we just witness the first time you’ve seen each other?’ We took photos, we went to Jamba Juice and we talked a lot.”

Touching — but problematic. Teresa is not allowed to commingle with felons, and even had to obtain formal permission to hang out with her currently  incarcerated husband. The show highlighted one of Joe’s criminal buddies being shut out of a book launch event, because his presence would result in a probation violation for the criminal author of the hour. A snippet of phony namaste-love with Danielle Staub is no different.

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Back in the 80’s, Danielle, whose real name is Beverly Merrill, was involved in the kidnapping of a man with her drug dealer friend, in a plot to collect an unpaid debt. Danielle and the dealer were arrested and charged with extortion, kidnapping and possession, after a failed attempt to collect a ransom from their victim’s father. Danielle took a deal, pleaded guilty only to the charge of extortion, and was sentenced to five years probation.

Teresa must obtain permission to associate with fellow felons, and the request must be associated with work. An in-the-know source weighs in on the latest Giudice stunt. 

“The rule about no felon contact is a strict one. The request must be linked with work, and there is no evidence of that here. There were no cameras rolling, and there is no way this meeting was approved,” explains the legal pro.

Teresa said it herself — on camera — that she was not allowed to be around felons. Danielle gushed that she “knew in her heart” that she would  reconnect with Teresa —keeping up the hard sell for a Season 8 spot.

Teresa obviously wants Danielle back on the show — but at what price?


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