Jacqueline Laurita Says Melissa Gorga’s A ‘Trouble-Making Rat’ Who Spilled All Of Teresa’s Secrets!

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On The Real Housewives of New Jersey, I think Jacqueline Laurita was hoping to turn back time this season. She wanted her friendship with Teresa Giudice to pick up where it left off four years ago, despite all that’s happened. But she and Teresa are two different people now. When things didn’t work out between the two of them, Jacqueline took it badly. In her blog this week, Jacqueline wrote,

“I can’t remember what was in this last episode to blog about it, so I’m just going to share my thoughts on Melissa Gorga because…why not? I have finally figured her out!”

Jacqueline doesn’t hold back on her feelings about Melissa.

Melissa Gorga is a two-faced, trouble-making RAT! (Among other things I’ve stated previously in other blogs.) I now know Melissa has lied to me on many occasions. The list is a mile long.”

Jacqueline blamed Melissa for all her trouble with Teresa.

Melissa is the sole reason my emotions were so scattered about Teresa. I really wanted to believe that Teresa was sincere about wanting to rebuild our friendship, HOWEVER, Melissa was the one who kept me from believing it was ever genuine from day one! Melissa was the one who told me not to trust Teresa.”

Melissa planted seeds of discord and doubt. Melissa was Jacqueline’s pipeline to Teresa. Even months after Teresa got out of jail, Melissa was spilling hot tea all over the place.

Melissa…fed me private information…kept me in the loop all of the time…. (just like she did with Danielle)… Melissa used to call me every day to gossip. She claimed to have the inside scoop from Teresa‘s attorney that they shared, her brother and family, and knew ALL the ongoing drama in Teresa‘s household. She told everybody!”

And in turn, Melissa sought information on Jacqueline.

Melissa also wanted to know EVERY detail of EVERY moment I spent talking to Teresa. I could tell it bothered her when we got along. I wonder what she was busy telling Teresa all that time behind my back. I did see some of it.”

But when Jacqueline was with Teresa, they had fun.

“…when I would actually spent time with Teresa, it felt so real and normal, like the good old days. I felt confused. Melissa is the one who always made me doubt my friendship with Teresa.”

Jacqueline says Melissa was the one who was jealous of their relationship, not the other way around.

“It’s obvious how so many relationships changed once Melissa came into the picture. It’s ALL CLEAR to me now! She definitely was in everyone’s head causing problems…”

While Jacqueline is a homebody:

Melissa…is out there trying her best to become famous any way she can. (Singer? Tabloid famous? Fashionista?) She likes to gather information and gossip about people. I’m not out looking for gossip, like Melissa does, but it just comes to me at times…”

Melissa wheedled her way back into Teresa’s good graces. At Jacqueline’s expense.

Melissa never trusted Teresa to be sincere, but she wanted to play the game for her family… When Melissa called, it was always to gather information on where I was going and with who and/or she wanted to tell me the latest Teresa gossip.”

And now that she no longer has a use for Jacqueline

“She doesn’t form real friendships. It’s always about what is in it for her. I, on the other hand, am more about genuine relationships and what I can do for others. I’m a sharer. I’m a giver.”

Jacqueline is sure that if it weren’t for Melissa’s interference, she and Teresa would still be friends.

Melissa is mischievous. She plants seeds and waters them and waits for them to grow so she can hide behind them, hoping to take the light off of herself. Sorry girl, I can still see you, and you’re ALL DIRTY, especially your hands. Melissa is a dirty, sneaky, RAT!”

Why is everyone so anxious to have a relationship with the felon? It’s not like she’s a great pal or a good soul or a decent human being. What am I missing?

Do you think Melissa is the root of the problem? Sound off in the comments.


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