#RHONJ Melissa Gorga Calls Jacqueline Laurita A Nosey ‘Emotional Trainwreck’ As Feud Heats Up!

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Melissa Gorga Calls Jacqueline Laurita A Nosey 'Emotional Trainwreck' RHONJ

The Real Housewives of New Jersey landscape has become a strangely friendly place, since Melissa Gorga reunited with sis-in-law, Teresa Giudice.

Jacqueline Laurita has been shut out — a casualty of a reinvented criminal, Teresa Giudice, following the Bravo script. Following the drama in Vermont Melissa and Jacqueline‘s feud has been steadily heating up. Gorga took to her Bravo blog to blast her former friend, she wrote.

“Friends come and go, but family is forever…  Jacqueline is truly the one bringing up the past and causing problems. Like usual, she has her NOSE (pun intended) in everybody’s business and is a complete emotional trainwreck.”

Jacqueline’s feelings about Teresa ran hot and cold all season.

“One minute she’s done with Teresa and the next she feels bad for her and misses her. When it comes to me, I don’t know why it’s so important for her to keep bringing up everything I said about Teresa…”

Melissa insists that Jacqueline is the real gossip.

“I found it very telling when Siggy said that she speaks to Jacqueline on the phone every day for an hour. … she has to know EVERYTHING about EVERYBODY. She puts so much time and energy into gossiping and trying to move the chess pieces… I am almost relieved that we are no longer friends because it was EXHAUSTING.”

Kim D. has also been making waves this season, intimating that Joe cheated on Teresa while she was in the pokey.

“I also found it disgusting watching Kim D make “conversation” about Teresa’s marriage just so she can get promotion for her fashion show. She is a known sh– stirrer and will lie and say anything for attention. …thanks to Jacqueline, she got her platform… It makes you wonder what Kim D has on Jacqueline.”

Melissa met up with Siggy Flicker to talk about Jacqueline. At first, Siggy wouldn’t come to Melissa’s fashion show in order to prove her loyalty to Jacqueline.

“I may not agree with everything Siggy said, but we spoke to each other as adults and listened to what the other was feeling and where we were coming from. That is how you handle an issue with a girlfriend. I’m glad that she understood that I wasn’t being phony or fake to her.”

When Joe Giudice went to prison — finally — Melissa was there to help support Teresa.

“No matter how you look at the situation, it is heartbreaking to see a family go through something like this. Teresa and her girls are incredibly strong. I’m so happy that we were able to be there for them and have the kids spend time together with Joe Giudice before he went away.”

Melissa claims the past no longer matters.

“…it’s moments like these that put things into perspective for you. This is why it is easy for us to forgive and move forward, because family is everything and we need each other.”

So, do you think this relationship Melissa and Teresa have forged will last? Me neither. And what do you make of this Melissa/Jacqueline split? Is it over for good?


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