‘Little Women LA’ Recap: Christy’s Casino Night Brings Major Drama

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'Little Women LA' Recap: Christy's Casino Night Brings Major Drama

We rejoin Little Women: LA back in the middle of the same name fight from last week. Joe could have sworn he and Terra settled on the name Grayson back at the hospital, but now that they are back home, Terra is crying about wanting the name D’Artagnan on the birth certificate. Joe gives in because at the end of the day he doesn’t care just as long as everyone calls their son Grayson.

Over at Briana and Matt’s place, she tells him about how Christy supposedly wants to apologize and the other girls want Briana to give Christy another chance. Matt is against it. “Christy doesn’t have a sincere bone in her body,” said the guy who only has sincere boners in his body. Briana isn’t not sure what to do.

Elena stops by Terra’s house to meet Grayson Vincent D’Artagnan Gnoffo. Terra tells Elena about being on Dancing With the Stars. Elena is shocked and can’t believe Terra’s biggest concern is about dancing with an average-sized partner and not about raising her kids. Terra asks for Elena’s support on this journey and Elena agrees to support her. Then she tells Terra about talking with Christy about her upcoming apology and how that talk went south. Terra says Christy‘s apology isn’t worth her time, but she’ll think about it. (No she won’t.)

'Little Women LA' Recap: Christy's Casino Night Brings Major Drama

Dawn from LWNY out of the blue shows up at Christy’s house. Don’t forget it was Dawn’s idea to file the police report when Terra threw a plastic cup at Christy’s head. So basically #glassgate was Dawn’s fault. The two women are getting a massage but the male masseuses are virgins when it comes to little people. As they give it a go, Christy shows Dawn the gambling inspired evite she sent out that included her medical record for the concussion. Even Dawn can’t believe Christy did this. But it’s clear, Christy doesn’t really care about giving an apology, she cares more about receiving one.

'Little Women LA' Recap: Christy's Casino Night Brings Major Drama

It’s photo shoot time for Elena and Preston and their babies, Cairo and Xavier. The pictures are adorable! Elena can’t believe how fast the babies are growing and already wants another one. In the meantime, Elena has decided she wants to do the genetic testing for dwarfism. Preston is on board for whatever his wife wants – because he’s cool like dat. If only Briana would fall for a man like him.

Jasmine and Briana go shopping for baby furniture and discuss the tacky evite from Christy. Briana was on the fence about going, but now doesn’t want to go at all. She has never hated someone as much as she hates Christy so she wants Jasmine to back off pushing a friendship with some she hates. Jasmine is confused as to why Briana can forgive Matt for his horrificness but cannot forgive Christy for hers. It’s simple Jasmine, Briana is under Matt’s evil spell.

Tonya is helping Terra move in at the new house because Joe bailed for a music gig. But it’s too much for two little people, one of whom just had a C-section, so instead, they discuss the tacky evite Christy sent. According to these two, Christy’s thick skull received a prior concussion when she was in a relationship before Todd. Terra and Tonya are skeptical about the legitimacy of the medical record because the evite conveniently doesn’t show the date of the diagnosis. What-ev! Terra won’t be there because their friendship is o-v-e-r.

Jasmine and Elena are dressed up for a night at the casino. Briana still hasn’t committed to going, and Jasmine and Elena think the medical record evite was tacky. They are tired of helping crazy Christy’s sorry ass when she keeps screwing up every chance.

Let’s roll the dice on the evening! My money is everything going into the crapper. Christy shares with Dawn and her two random friends, Karla and Rhonnie, that all she wants is all the attention on her to give her apology. Mmm-hmm. Karla and Rhonnie are instant troublemakers and say things like, “Girl, don’t you apologize to them. They use you as a doormat.” Just then Elena, Jasmine, and Tonya arrive. Tonya smells a set-up from these heffas.

'Little Women LA' Recap: Christy's Casino Night Brings Major Drama

The $hit-stirring begins with Rhonnie when Tonya tells Elena hell would have to freeze over in order for Terra to show up. After that, when Christy asks whether Briana is coming, and Jasmine reads the text that says Briana won’t attend because Christy’s intentions aren’t genuine, it’s now Karla’s turn to be the rude mouthpiece for Christy. She starts talking Spanish-smack to Jasmine about going behind people’s backs. Jasmine calmly explains she doesn’t do that.

Tonya, Elena and Jasmine decide to leave the blackjack table and all the bad attitude from the rude heffas. They can’t believe Christy brought three women who aren’t on the show to a party where it was supposed to be about reconnecting with them. Rhonnie tells Christy it doesn’t matter if she were to grow angel wings and a halo, them bitches don’t like her. And it’s generally because of stunts like this. Once again Christy considers herself the victim.

The girls go to the bar and text Christy, just Christy, to join them, but she brings her bossy posse with her. Tonya explains they just want to talk with Christy and what in the hell are these heffas doing here anyway. Christy claims its ladies’ night. Tonya then asks Christy why she put her medical record from who-knows-when on the evite. Christy whips out her purse and says, “You want proof. I’ll show you proof.” Hey heffa, Tonya didn’t ask for proof – she asked why your concussioned brain thought it was a smart to put your medical record on an evite.

'Little Women LA' Recap: Christy's Casino Night Brings Major Drama

Tonya yells across the table to Christy that they don’t care about her proof. Just like when Christy brought Plastic to the photoshoot, they didn’t care about her proof then and they don’t care about it now. Christy confesses that she brought the random rude girls because she’s pathetic, all alone, and didn’t think anyone would show up.

Tonya explains she has invited Christy to three separate events, and all three turned out to be a mess. Rhonnie asks why everyone is so rude. Seriously? Go home, heffa. Christy admits she wants an apology, too, but so far she hasn’t apologized for one damn thing. How about for ruining Tonya’s photoshoot? Finally Christy apologizes. However, Karla’s rude-ass butts in because she wants more camera time. Elena is over this and lets Karla have it. Yay Elena! Karla then calls Tonya a mother-f*cker, to which Tonya says, “You damn right.” That’s why she’s the boss! Unfortunately, Christy only laughs, seeming to enjoy the women arguing on her behalf, and as much as I hate to say this, Matt was right.


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