#RHOC Kelly Dodd Feels Shannon Beador Pushing Drinks On Her In Ireland Proves 70s Party Set Up!

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Kelly Dodd Feels Shannon Beador Pushing Drinks On Her In Ireland Proves 70s Party Set Up

Everyone has behaved so badly this season on the Real Housewives of Orange County. There’s no doubt the women ostracized Kelly Dodd on their trip to Ireland. But Kelly’s no shrinking violet. She gives as good as she gets, and in her blog this week, she explains her side of the story.

“As excited as I was to visit Ireland, after Tamra hit me I was suffering from an emotional hangover for the remainder of the trip. Tamra, Shannon and Heather had all turned against me; Vicki was trying to play both sides. She wasn’t acting like the friend I had come to cherish.”

After the nasty fight that followed the pub crawl, Meghan Edmonds and Kelly met up with the ladies at Bailey’s Farm for dinner. Kelly was shocked to see Vicki Gunvalson’s cockeyed breasts make an appearance.

“I was especially embarrassed when, in response to Vicki saying how she is bothered by the alignment of her nipples, Heather quickly calls her husband, Terry, to check out her friend’s boobs. Really, Heather? Then you have the gall later to call me trashy?”

When Kelly tried to apologize to Tamra Judge, she was rebuffed.

“Hearing Tamra discussing receiving a Mother’s Day card gave me a segue to try to make amends. I felt compelled to try to clear the air and apologize to Tamra. My apology was heartfelt and sincere. As usual, my apology was not really accepted.”

Kelly viewed herself as the victim in the entire scenario.

“I thought that if I apologized for what I said, then Tamra would apologize for hitting me and telling me “F*** YOU!” As a life-long Christian, my faith taught me we are supposed to forgive those who trespass against you.”

Kelly’s version of events differs from Tamra’s. Tamra said she shoved Kelly (which is still not cool, girl), but Kelly said it was a slap.

Tamra knew she had screwed up badly. I believe that she took the opportunity to say she was going to kill me and attend my funeral in two different instances as part of a strategy to desensitize and diminish the significance of her heinous act… Regardless of what I said in anger, your anger towards me was…inexcusable.”

Kelly’s decision to remain sober on the last day in Ireland was put to the test.

“I had decided I had better keep my wits around me when dealing with these scheming women. No matter what happens or how hard they try to tempt me, I decided I was not drinking alcohol the rest of the trip.”

Shannon, in particular, tried her best to get Kelly to throw down tequila.

“…Shannon was shaming me the entire evening and into the night for not drinking with them. I got a bad vibe at dinner as I watched Shannon, Heather and Tamra interact. Something about their body language and the sly looks they were exchanging was giving me the willies.”

Kelly felt like she was being setup. Again.

“…Shannon and Heather were trying to get me seriously drunk then agitate me to the point where I would lose my cool and act badly. They were hoping I would say and do something would make Tamra’s transgression pale in comparison.”

Later, Kelly and Vicki stopped by Tamra’s room and invited her to the pub.

Vicki said she wanted to go to the bar with Tamra and I. We stopped by Tamra’s room and knocked, but she didn’t answer her door. So I went back to my room.”

Both Tamra and Shannon Beador said that Kelly went to Shannon’s room, as well, but Shannon shut the door on the Kelly and Vicki.

“…while I was upstairs resting, Tamra, Shannon, Heather and Vicki went back to the bar and continued to get their drink on. Then, per her MO, Tamra started harassing me over texts… She claimed Vicki said I was talking about Tamra behind her back.”

When the ladies came back to the hotel, Kelly confronted Tamra.

“I left my room to deal with their blame game. However, unlike them, I wasn’t wasted. When Shannon claims that she wanted Heather to video me because I was on an angry rampage, it’s another lie… At no time did I lose my temper, but I did shed some more tears.”

After the women piled into the van and headed for the airport, things went south. The other ladies claimed Kelly was having a psychotic break, but maybe she was simply pushed to her breaking point.

“When I leaned across the aisle and whispered to Meghan, “These women can dish it out but they can’t take it,” Shannon butted in and began antagonizing me again. As the argument on the bus escalated, Tamra and Heather joined the fray. They were ganging up on me, but I wasn’t worried, I knew I was very capable of defending myself.”

No matter how proper she tries to act, Heather lost points with me when she called Kelly “trash”. Tsk, tsk, Fancy Pants. That wasn’t nice. But maybe Heather had been pushed to her snapping point, too?

Heather calls me trashy. Really? Heather chastises me for bringing up the subject of Tamra’s estranged daughter then has the audacity to say she feels sorry for my daughter… She calls me insane… The last time I checked having a drama degree doesn’t qualify you to psychoanalyze anyone.”

Well, snap. So, whose side are you taking? Was Kelly justified for losing her shiz by the end of the trip? 


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