Heather Dubrow Excuses Shannon Beador’s Attempts To Get Kelly Wasted & Defends Dissing Kelly’s Daughter

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Heather Dubrow and Kristin Chenoweth are friends who’ve never met. Tonight, both were guests on Watch What Happens Live with Andy Cohen. Until now, the two had only tweeted, texted, and emailed each other. So, they had a great time in the clubhouse, talking and giggling like they’d been together for years.

On the latest Real Housewives of Orange County episode, as Heather was chatting on facetime with her husband, Terry, she zoomed in on Vicki Gunvalson’s bare breasts. Vicki’s nipples needed a little work. According to Heather:

“I think he said to her that if she wants to come on Botched, that he would be happy to do it. I don’t really know what happened with all that. But you know, she looks great.”

On their picnic in Ireland, Heather served the ladies fireball shots from her designer Chanel flask.

“This group, we just have a thing with fireball. We did it in Bali, and we had this one sort of epic dinner, all of us, after Shannon threw a party at her house with this frozen food and no one ate because it was awful. We all went to Mastro’s afterwards and had fireball. So, it’s been a thing with us. I got this cute flask, and I thought I’m going to fill it with fireball and have this fun moment in Ireland because it’s whiskey.”

Andy showed a clip of Shannon Beador pushing tequila on Kelly Dodd. Kelly felt like she was setup, and Shannon was trying to get her drunk. Heather disagreed.

“When we had lunch of the grounds of Powerscourt, Kelly was upset that she missed our hooley kicking night at Johnny Fox’s the night before. She wanted to go out. And so I think Shannon was trying to get the party started and get going because that’s what Kelly said she wanted to do.”

At the end of tonight’s RHOC episode, we saw Heather’s cell phone footage of the fight between the women in the hotel hallway. Around three a.m. when they boarded the bus for the airport, things exploded between Kelly and the rest of the group.

“By the way, you’ll have to watch next week, but the entire bus ride wasn’t shown. So, some of the reactions you’re seeing from myself and Tamra and Shannon are sort of underplayed. Because when you see the full scope of what was said by Kelly, you might understand.”

Next, Andy named a few OC feuds, and Kristin stated her opinion. For instance, when Kelly made an ugly comment about Tamra Judge’s daughter, and Tamra pushed Kelly in retaliation, Kristin took Tamra’s side.

Meghan Edmonds and Shannon Beador refused to interrupt their golf game to visit Vicki in the hospital. Kristin backed Vicki on this one.

Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna, caused some trouble this season. Kristin was firmly on Team Shannon.

And then there was that sushi dinner, when Kelly called Shannon the c-word.

“I’m never going to be for someone who calls someone a See You Next Tuesday.”

Heather called Kelly “trash” on the bus ride to the airport, and Kristin stuck up for her friend.

“I’m always going to be on Dubrow’s side, no matter what, because she’s on the classy train.”

Andy asked some questions about Heather’s trip to Ireland. She obviously sided with Tamra in the Kelly/Tamra debacle.

“I thought Tamra showed surprising restraint, given the situation, honestly.”

Which was worse, seeing Shannon trying to ply Kelly with tequila or being exposed to Vicki’s cockeyed nips?

“Well, I don’t believe that Shannon was trying to get Kelly drunk. She was trying to be a party starter and get the night going. But the lopsided nipple, it was a cause for a lot of amusement for the whole trip, so I have to say that was kind of good, too.”

Heather struggled to come up with three nice things to say about Kelly.

“She has really nice style. She can be really fun. And I think she really loves her child.”

One viewer called out Heather for being a hypocrite. Heather slammed Kelly for talking about Tamra’s daughter, but this week, Heather thought Kelly was acting crazy and said she felt sorry for Jolie. So, what’s the deal?

“First of all, I don’t believe what Kelly said and what I said were in the same category. Having said that, you really haven’t seen the scope of what happens on the bus. You’ll see that next week. I think at that point I was thinking about what it would be like to live with her. But having said that, it was three o’clock in the morning, and we’d been drinking a lot. I do regret talking about her child at all. And for that, I apologize.”

A caller wanted Kristin’s take on Luann de Lesseps’ relationship with Tom. Is it real and will it last?

“I think a lot of people who have relationships get married that aren’t real. Doesn’t that happen a lot? I think it’s real for now.”

Kristin also gave her take on Luann’s reaction to the photo of Tom making out with another woman.

“It actually made me sad. I mean, when you’re the one—and I’ve been that person before—when you find out that someone has been not who you thought they were, it’s very…and you sometimes can be defensive to the person who told you. I think she deserves…I want people to be happy. But I also want people to make wise choices…we don’t see the whole thing, so maybe it’s a great combo. What do I know?”

Heather admitted that she has a bell in her closet of her new house that rings straight to the kitchen. That’s how the staff know it’s time for Heather’s champagne. And though the house is not completed, she’s living in it now.

Heather talked about the fact that Kelly looked into her financial details.

“Oh my gosh. I’m such an open book when it comes to everything, but I don’t understand what that was about. But I’ve also heard other things that Kelly’s talked about. Where I went to school, and I went to a third tier college, and that where I grew up in Chappaqua wasn’t very nice. I grew up in Chappaqua, where the Clintons live, so it’s a pretty nice area.”

And just so you know, Heather attended Syracuse University — the theater program.

If Kristin could boot out an OC Housewife, she’d bring back the “skinny, big-eyed girl.” That’s Lydia, to you and me. As for booting off a current Housewife:

“Oh, I feel bad. Kelly…bless her heart. Get off.”

She and Heather cackled with glee. Pun intended.

A caller wondered if Heather felt Kelly was put on the defensive because the other women ganged up on her.

“I just don’t see…Kelly talks a lot about being ambushed and ganged up, but I just don’t see where that happens. Because to me, Kelly was lashing out at all of us, and we were all reacting to it. So, I didn’t understand it. Obviously, Kelly has pain in her life, and I’ve seen that, watching the show back, that I feel very sad for. And I believe that’s why she’s lashing out.”

Heather flashed Vicki’s boobs at Terry, but got angry when Kelly used vulgar language. What’s the difference, Miss Manners?

“He’s a doctor. It was like a consult.”

Kristin made an appearance on Vanderpump Rules’ star, Stassi Schroeder’s, podcast.

“She’s a smart girl. And she’s leading with her brain. And she’s beautiful, but sometimes when you’re really, really cute—and I don’t mean myself—I see a lot of beautiful people leading with that instead of their brain. I was…I fell in love with her.”

We caught a sneak peek of next week’s RHOC episode. Once home, Kelly feels betrayed by Vicki. She accuses the women of being Heather’s puppets and wonders why Vicki never stuck up for her. Vicki defends herself and tries to remain neutral, but she doesn’t want to be excluded by backing her new friend.

Heather has been shocked more than once this season, but she didn’t share her worst moment. A caller noticed Heather’s mortified expressions to the drama.

“We’re filming the reunion on Thursday, so I’m going to have to save that particular piece of information, but I will tell you this…at some point I have four children… I’m teaching them that you’re known for the company you keep, and you want to surround yourself with you know, people who are blue skies, and want to love each other and lift each other up. And it’s really hard to be in a group where people are screaming See You Next Tuesday at each other.”

The poll of the night asked if Shannon was trying to Kelly naked wasted. 70% said yes!

So, did the women gang up on Kelly? Tell us what you think.


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