’90 Day Fiance’ Recap: Anfisa Wants To Be A Model Despite Jorge’s Objections & Mohamed Confronts Danielle

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The days are ticking by, as the 90 Day Fiance couples continue to make a run for the altar — let’s catch up with the international lovebirds!

Jorge and Anfisa

We check in on the Cali pair just in time to hear Jorge lamenting his plight as full time housekeeper and cook. Anfisa’s preoccupation with her reflection has thwarted her learning curve, but Jorge notes that she is still “adjusting” to sweeping up American cat litter, so he is being patient. Anfisa just wants to be a model, because other women are ugly — so Jorge arranges a photoshoot to build her “high fashion” portfolio. Jorge is scared about Anfisa’s love for body flaunting, but wants her to keep busy, so he tells her to flaunt away — as long as she keeps her clothes on.


The next thing we know, Anfisa is worshipping her reflection at the photography studio. The pro looks her over and tries not to burst into laughter at her modeling aspirations — at least until he collects a check. The chatty makeup artist warns Jorge that other guys might think his Insta-whore is attractive — but Anfisa’s appearance in this scene could crack a mirror. Anfisa gets dolled up, and prances out in her underwear, which delights the trans-makeup artist/couples counselor. Jorge isn’t amused, but tries to stifle his jealousy. Anfisa strikes some sexy poses, basking in the flash of the camera, and her half naked dreams of trashy fame and fortune. 


Narkyia and Lowo

We join Narkyia during a wedding dress shopping excursion, because her   catfish ceremony is only eight weeks away. Narkyia tries on dresses, and one passes the plus-size muster. Narkyia assures us that she isn’t dumb enough to fork over cash to a phony prince, but her mom is worried about the whole fishy scenario. Narkyia’s pal thinks that this smashing dress might solidify Narkyia’s standing as Lowo’s only wife — even though his father is a Nigerian Kody Brown. Later, we watch Narkyia and her mom work on wedding details, and hear the exciting news that Lowo is due to arrive in five days. Narkyia shares a cringeworthy waxing update, just as her African lover phones in. He explains that his visa has been delayed, and Narkyia calls BS, at his Vietnam paperwork excuse. Lowo shoots her a sympathetic “yeah,” but Narkyia is discouraged that Lowo has sidelined her goal to bedazzle her wedding.


Nicole and Azan

We catch up with Nicole and Azan during their desert campout. Azan shares his hopes that his heavy worry, named Nicole, can be fixed, because he is preparing to pop the question. Nicole loves dancing in the desert because it isn’t reality, and there’s no family to drag them down. Azan gets inspired by the firelight drums, and offers a sweet proposal. Nicole accepts, and the moment is romantic. The couple celebrates by sharing a tent — a strange cultural concession. The pair giggles their goodnights, and we rejoin  them the next day, cuddling in their tent, giddy over their fiance status.


They  set out to hike to the camels, and Nicole is immediately winded. Azan comments that Nicole needs to work off her chub, and join him in a healthy lifestyle — because her fast food diet is frightening. Nicole collapses into a gasping heap, and Azan kindly reassures — while admitting that he would really appreciate loving a little less of her.


Matt and Alla

Matt, Alla and Max are having dinner at home, as Alla shares that Matt is a jealous drag. Alla and Max talks to her sister and her son on Skype, and Alla shares her hope to eventually bring them to America. The girls dish about the wedding, and it’s the first time we see Alla laugh — until the laughter turns to tears, because she truly misses her sis.


Pedro and Chantel

We join the Atlanta couple, in their self-induced stress bubble, yammering about their big secret. The couple reluctantly prepares to tell Chantel’s parents that they are engaged. Chantel forces Pedro to spill the dirt, but he freezes up. Chantel breaks the news that the wedding is Thursday — much to her parents’ sad surprise. She also fills them in on their TLC stardom, and Chantel’s dad is peeved. Chantel uses fear of their disapproval as a lamer than lame excuse. Pedro feels badly that happy news has turned into a sad moment. Chantel’s brother, River, is visibly upset, because his sister has revealed herself as a bold-faced liar.


Danielle/Mohamed UPDATE

On TLC spinoff, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, Mohamed arrives back in Ohio, ready to confront Danielle. Mo wants to talk sense into  Danielle, and Walmart buddy, Tom, is ready to lend an ear, and a place to stay. Mo says he can’t stay with Danielle, because she is a nut job who wants to hold him a love-prisoner in the bedroom. Danielle thinks that Mo is a dirty cheater who picks up floozies on the internet — because she should know. Danielle is annoying Mohamed, because she wants to talk about everything, everything, and more everything. Mo cites money problems for one excuse to run, and oddly speaks of plummeting credit as part of his beef. Mo blames the split on Danielle, but thinks that they can work it out if she changes into a different person— preferably one with cash. Social media rumors trigger Danielle into scary insanity — and Mo wants out of the asylum. Mo wants a divorce, so he needs to talk Danielle off the annulment ledge.


Danielle hasn’t seen Mo in four months, and breaks the news to her daughters that he is back, sniffing around for a meeting. One daughter comments that she thinks that her mom is naive, and Mo is a sh*thead — pegging them both. Danielle hopes that the annulment filing might scare Mohamed back into her arms — while her daughter blasts Mohamed for mistreating the family. She adds that they will be out, if Mohamed is in. Danielle hopes that looking great will improve her chances — and dreams of a fantasy reunion with her Tunisian dreamboat. The camera pans past her dresser crammed with scary dolls — lessening the creep factor of a Mo-Dan love-photo. Danielle shows up for the meeting, almost puking in the snow with anticipation. Mo arrives and Danielle is giddy, but then blasts him for leaving her, and romping with Luisa. Mo explains that he is not up for living in misery, and points out that Danielle has done her own side-canoodling. Mohamed says that Danielle is screwing his life — dramatically stating that she has killed everything inside him. He wants a divorce, but Danielle wants his tookis out of the country. Danielle blubbers an exit, but Mohamed’s obnoxious arrogance hopes for another shot. 


Anfisa proudly admits her gold digger status next week, and Walmart Tom offers his counseling services to Mohamed and Danielle. Don’t miss the juicy fun!


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