Kim Zolciak Cosigns Teen Daughter Brielle To Get A Boob Job! ‘Go Do It!’

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Kim Zolciak Tells Daughter Brielle To Get A Boob Job: ‘Go Do It!’

It’s great to have a supportive mom, but Kim Zolciak Biermann takes it to a whole new level.

The Don’t Be Tardy star is urging her little look-alike Brielle to get a boob job, but breast feed first. So is Kim ready to be a grandmother?

“I tell her, if you want bigger boobs you need to breast feed – I’m big on breast feeding – then go do it,” Kim told Hollywood Today. “She needs to breastfeed her kids.”

Last July when Brielle, 19,  received lip injections with mom-of-the-year, Kim, 38, by her side, there was some blowback over this choice on social media. But the Don’t Be Tardy star says she’s all about helping other women.

“Everyone freaked out because I went with her.” Kim explained, “But I feel, like, you should be honest. I think women should help other women.”

Like, maybe helping other women encompasses the belief that Brielle is beautiful as is. But Brielle doesn’t feel that way at all.

“She’s known, like, forever that it was a really big insecurity of me,” Brielle said. “I’ve talked to her about it for years and years and years and when I became 18, like, okay let’s go.”

Like, does that mean Brielle’s been talking about it to Kim since she was 15? In any event, many fans already suspected that Brielle had a boob job. Brielle says not so and she can prove it.

“So to those of you who think I’ve gotten a boob job, tell me where,” Brielle said. “Because I really don’t see how I could have gotten one. You only think that when I wear a really good bra and I’m not wearing one now.”

Like, wow.


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