Meghan Edmonds Blames Kelly Dodd For Ireland Dustup! ‘Kelly Digged Herself A Hole’

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Meghan Edmonds Blames Kelly Dodd For Ireland Dustup

On The Real Housewives of Orange County, Meghan Edmonds wanted to travel to Ireland and research her family tree. So of course, she invited the other ladies. And once they arrived, she got them going on a pub crawl.

“For starters, I feel I need to comment yet again on all of the comments about me “drinking while pregnant.” It was actually really fun for me to try to get everyone else drunk…but I thought it was extremely nice of the Irish pub to offer me non-alcoholic beer to join in the fun.”

Meghan left the ladies to their booze and dashed back to the hotel for a hot date with her genealogist.

“I have already done a lot of my own research on my heritage and family history, but it was exciting to learn even more from a professional. When he told me that I could be related to most of the people just five miles away, I was blown away!”

While Meghan was discovering her roots, the other ladies were getting into an epic argument. And it all started with Kelly Dodd and her big mouth.

“It’s hard to watch Kelly be so passive aggressive…I don’t understand why she can’t just apologize, take ownership and move on. When she says, “I’m sorry you guys are sensitive,” that’s not actually an apology.”

It’s my unprofessional opinion that Kelly should abstain from drinking. It might do wonders for her relationships.

“That whole evening Kelly continued to dig herself a hole with all of the ladies. First, the Jewish stereotype was crossing a line and then saying that Heather couldn’t afford their lots so they had to get a loan? Getting a loan doesn’t exactly mean they couldn’t afford it.”

But it was when Kelly made a dig at Tamra and her estranged daughter that brought things to a head.

Tamra looked so broken during that scene and that never should have been brought up.”

Meghan tried to listen to Kelly with a sympathetic ear.

“When Kelly came back to the room and was filling me in on everything that happened, all I was thinking was about how happy I was that I missed everything. But at the same time Kelly truly felt attacked and if perception is reality then she has and had my empathy.”

When did Meghan Edmonds become the voice of reason on this show? Yes, she’s still boring, but she’s making all kinds of sense!

So, where does the blame for this fracas lie? With Kelly or Tamra? Or do they have an equal share?


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