‘RHOC’ Twitter Blasts Tamra Judge’s Present & Past Violent Behavior After Ireland Blowup!

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Fans Slam Tamra Judge's Violent Behavior After Ireland Fight

Tamra Judge reverted back to her old ways, when she lost her temper during a Real Housewives of Orange County cast trip to Ireland. Tamra threatened and became aggressive toward Kelly Dodd, shoving her against a wall after hearing a comment she made privately to Shannon Beador.

“You fu*king bitch! You talk about my daughter and I’ll fu*king kill you!” Tamra threatened, the rant captured on Bravo audio.

Social media exploded, and Twitter becoming a battleground, with Tamra and Kelly exchanging barbs for hours. Tamra denied striking her co-star, then switched gears and retweeted that Kelly “deserved what she got.” Tamra did admit that she “pushed” Kelly — evidently more acceptable than “hitting.” 



Kelly Dodd jumped into the mix — and refuted Tamra’s defense. Kelly confirmed that Tamra also lashed out at a producer, “You didn’t push the producer either, right Tamra?” Kelly tweeted. View Tamra’s now deleted response below, “no I slapped the phone out of his hand filming me. God you’re a drunk.”

WHY would Tamra aggressively stop a producer from filming — if her behavior was not crossing the line?

Tamra jumped between justifying her action and denying it — but one thing is sure — this is not Tamra’s first go-round with losing a grip on her erratic temper. Astute viewers blasted Tamra’s pattern for taking fire at other button-pushing co-stars.



Tamra tweeted regret that she had “stooped to Kelly’s level” but has since deleted several tweets. One fan nailed it — reminding us that Tamra set the bar for low.

[otw_shortcode_quote border=”bordered” border_style=”bordered” color=”#3366ff”]”Tamra claiming she stooped 2 @RHOC_KellyDodd level is a joke. Tamra set the bar long ago throwing drink at Jeana”[/otw_shortcode_quote]

Tamra is pushing hard to have Kelly fired — obviously hoping to deflect from  what really prompts such action from Bravo.



Porsha Williams was demoted and required to attend anger management classes, after yanking Kenya Moore down to the floor during a Real Housewife of Atlanta reunion taping. Porsha did not “hit” Kenya — just like Tamra supposedly did not “hit” Kelly. Bravo’s decision to keep Porsha on is a risky one — and they know it. Bravo should add Tamra Judge to their high-risk list of employed thugs.


How far will Bravo allow a drunk reality mess to go? That is the question — and one that must be answered after this OC season ends. The gloves have come off, literally. What will Bravo do about it?


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