Meghan Edmonds Attacked For Drinking Beer While Pregnant At Irish Pub!

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Meghan Edmonds Accused Of Drinking Beer While Pregnant During ‘RHOC’ Pub Crawl

Meghan Edmonds is under fire for drinking in Ireland. The Real Housewives of Orange County star who had an uphill battle getting pregnant with Jim Edmonds’ frozen sperm has angered many of her fans.

“You tried so hard to get prego now I’m pissed you’re drinking,” tweeted a viewer.

During the pub crawl Meghan setup for the ladies on last week’s episode, she can be seen holding up a shot. But did she take it? Meghan fired back that it isn’t what we think.

“It’s really upsetting to me that people would actually think I’d put my baby girl in danger by drinking alcohol,” Meghan railed on her Bravo blog. “It was actually really fun for me to try to get everyone else drunk and I purposely excluded myself from certain activities in Ireland knowing that the only thing the girls would be doing is drinking.”

So Meghan set up the pub crawl whose sole purpose is to drink, then blames the girls for doing just that? Whatever. But Meghan continued her rant.

“Doctors will tell you that it is perfectly fine to have a glass of wine while pregnant, but I thought it was extremely nice of the Irish pub to offer me a non-alcoholic beer to join in the fun. It was disgusting, by the way.”

And once again, the “ladies” of RHOC have trashed the people of Ireland’s hospitality.


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