#TeenMom2 Jenelle Evans Welcomes Another Puppy After Lengthy History of Animal Cruelty

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Jenelle Evans Welcomes Another Puppy After Lengthy Animal Cruelty History

Jenelle Evans recently adopted a new member of the family into her brood — a brand new four-legged friend.

In a social media post, the Teen Mom 2 star and her current boyfriend and future baby daddy, David Eason, plugged a micro pit-bull breeder named Johnny Gonzalez — thanking him for their new exotic pup.


Jenelle supposedly dropped over $3k on the exotic breed — a strange move in a day when shelters are jammed with pit bulls. Gonzalez, owner of Johnny New Era Gottiline Bullies, boasts of breeding “freaks,” with “bone girth and head size to match their pedigree.”  Shockingly, the breeder admitted that he allowed one of his dogs to die — from neglect.



Jenelle has had many animals over the years — but also owns a polluted history as a pet owner. A disturbing pattern of neglect and abuse mark the reality star’s past.

The MTV star’s animals over the years have been primarily linked to different boyfriends, as her lovers came and went. She owned a pit bull named Brody, when she was with Gary Head. She later gave the dog away to Ryan Dolph — another ex boyfriend. The dog was later photographed in a disturbing shot, skinny and seemingly neglected. Jenelle’s crazy years with baby daddy #2 — Nathan Griffith — came with two huskies, and a little later, a pit-bull named Jax joined the family. One husky was immediately unloaded, and Jenelle was later seen on MTV cameras, mistreating Jax and the remaining husky so badly, that it triggered a written scolding from PETA.

“We have been inundated with complaints from viewers about the treatment of your dogs as profiled on last night’s Teen Mom. Viewers can see that as much as you want to do the right thing for your dogs, you have so much going on in your life that you have neither the time nor the patience to give them what they need,” read the letter to Jenelle from the animal rights organization.

“The Spartanburg Humane Society can find a more suitable home for these dogs, and PETA can help you if you wish by providing immediate transportation. For the dogs’ sake, please accept the humane society’s help.”

Jenelle responded as expected — before she obediently recited a MTV-proper response.


Jenelle later posted an alarming video of her training Jax to fetch a lit firecracker. Fans are asking what has become of Jenelle’s wide array of animals over the years — the answer might be a disturbing one.


With a history like Jenelle’s — why another animal? Jenelle is due to deliver her third child in January — but now has to care for yet another dog.

Good luck pup — because you’ll need it.


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