‘RHOC’ Heather Dubrow Goes After Vicki Gunvalson After Ireland Drama — Find Out What’s Behind It

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Heather Dubrow RHOC 2016

When the Real Housewives of Orange County went to Ireland, we all knew it wouldn’t be a drama-free trip. Those trips were built for drama! But who knew the ladies would get so confrontational so quickly? And Heather Dubrow places most of the blame on one person: Vicki Gunvalson.

And before she even gets into the fight that happened later, Heather questions Vicki’s integrity. Again!

“How many people thought Vicki sent the flowers to herself? Seemed a little convenient upon check in. Any time Terry has sent me flowers when I’m traveling they put them in my room. Hmmmmm.”

Evidently, Steve signed off on those flowers with the L-word. But Vicki admitted in her talking head that it wouldn’t surprise her if Steve was in love with her — she’s a catch. So, which is it? Did he send the flowers and declare his love or is Vicki making it up? Heather suspects the latter.

There’s no doubt that Kelly Dodd was to blame for the fun mood turning sour that afternoon in Dublin, but that’s just Kelly for you. According to Heather.

“The pub crawl…well we drank and laughed and danced in the streets and had so much fun for a few hours…and then…here we go again with Kelly. The dumb jokes, the judgmental comments and now we are attacking the Jewish people and repeating financial (and incorrect) information about me? I was absolutely over it.”

As the women popped into a nearby store, Kelly made her ugly comment about Tamra Judge’s daughter.

“We went into the department store at my request…and I was enjoying a little retail therapy when the fight broke out. I don’t blame Tamra for her reaction, the catalyst was Kelly and this was what, the FOURTH time I’ve been around her in public and witnessed some kind of outrageous behavior.”

Heather was upset at getting kicked out of a store. Vicki made a snide comment about it in her talking head, and Heather has finally had enough. She believes Vicki could have helped calm the situation between the women.

“Of course I was upset for Tamra, and if I was making it about myself so be it — I was pissed. Also, Vicki can judge me all she wants — she walked away and “didn’t get involved”. Please, so she didn’t stick up for her new bestie Kelly or her old bestie Tamra. Great friend.”

Heather doesn’t have time for Kelly’s excuses either.

“Watching Kelly relay the events of the day to Michael is indicative of her problem — revisionist history. Nobody ganged up on her — she attacks people and then cries. Over it.”

Vicki decided she would play it neutral — the argument didn’t involve her, after all. But Vicki was quick enough to let Kelly pick up a sword and defend her earlier in the season. Is Heather right? Should Vicki have taken a stand and tried to ease the tensions within the group?


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