‘RHOC’ Shannon Beador Takes Zero Responsibility For Tamra and Kelly’s Ireland Fight!

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Shannon Beador Takes Zero Responsibility For Tamra and Kelly's Ireland Fight!

The ladies of the Real Housewives of Orange County invaded Ireland and boy, the must have left some kind of impression with the locals. Shannon Beador gives us the lowdown on what happened during the pub crawl and its aftermath.

“It was really nice that everyone got along at the beginning of the trip… But after Kelly consumed a few cocktails, the demeanor of the day drastically changed. Kelly’s sense of humor can be quite juvenile, and all of us were tired of her repeated nose-flicking practical joke.”

That would get real old, real fast.

“…when Kelly got wind that Vicki and Tamra were complaining about it, she took things to a whole new level. And it got worse from there.”

Shannon was shocked that Kelly Dodd turned on Tamra Judge.

“…Tamra had continually defended Kelly in times that were even unwarranted, so it was shocking to hear Kelly go off on her. Especially when Vicki was the person having a real issue with Kelly’s joke.”

Tamra had been holding in a secret of Kelly’s — that she’d gotten financial information on Heather Dubrow.

“I was blown away when Tamra brought up that Kelly looked into Heather’s property records. Kelly’s explanation in defending herself made no sense. And then she moved into making racist remarks about Jewish people.”

Kelly’s bestie, Vicki Gunvalson, didn’t try to calm the situation. In fact, she distanced herself from Kelly as much as possible, leaving Shannon to smooth things over.

“As we left the pub to go shopping, I still tried to have a conversation with Kelly to bring everyone back together on the way to the bus. And then she made a horrendous comment about Tamra and her oldest daughter.”

Shannon has no regrets about spilling the tea to Tamra.

“I quickly told Kelly that her comment was hurtful and inappropriate… Tamra asked me what Kelly and I were talking about… I am not a liar, so I told her the comment made by Kelly. I know I will receive backlash from this, so I will say that if the tables were turned, I would absolutely want to hear what was said about me…”

Having been on the receiving end of Kelly’s wrath, Shannon is backing Tamra all the way.

Kelly knows the pain Tamra has experienced… But that is Kelly… She comes up with the most hurtful thing she can say to someone and blurts it out — never giving consideration to the pain she will cause. She did it to me by saying, “No wonder David cheated on you,” and now she has done it with Tamra…”

When Kelly told Meghan Edmonds about the fight, she downplayed her own role in the drama.

“I was so surprised to see Kelly playing the victim with Meghan when we arrived home after the pub crawl. She is the one who started the attack. It’s mind boggling how she never takes responsibility for her actions.”

Kelly decided to skip dinner with the ladies. Shannon is grateful, because the women had a wonderful time without her.

“…we had an incredibly crazy fun time and there was no tension! I think it was truly one of the nights where I have laughed the hardest! We danced with the Irish dancers and sang with them all night!”

Shannon leaves us with a warning. If we thought this week was over the top…

“Next week it gets uglier than I ever thought possible.”

So, does Shannon bear some responsibility in the fight between Tamra and Kelly? And did you find Shannon’s attempt at perfecting an Irish accent charming or annoying?


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