‘RHOC’ Kelly Dodd Feels ‘Traumatized’ After Tamra Judge Attacked & Threatened to Kill Her In Ireland

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The ladies of The Real Housewives of Orange County took their special brand of crazy to Ireland in the latest episode.

As they pub crawled their way through Dublin, things went south real quick. Kelly Dodd opens up about the traumatizing experience in her Bravo blog.

“When I signed up to be a Housewife, I knew that my life, my personality, my family, my marriage would be on public display. My life has been an open book through my friendships and social media long before I joined the Housewives… What I didn’t know when I became a Housewife is that my reputation and character would come under assault based upon reckless scheming…”

Or based on her reckless comments?

“We all know that alcohol is a depressant. Quickly the initial euphoria of doing shots at the pubs wore off. While I was still in a great mood, I could tell that some of the ladies’ moods were changing.”

“At one point, Vicki was spilling drinks on herself, so I pointed to her blouse and flicked her nose with my finger, just like I do Jolie… Straight away, I could see Vicki and Tamra talking smack about me at the end of the bar… Why don’t these women get my humor?”

Kelly’s humor would go over well in a kindergarten class, but with grown women? Not so much.

“…as Tamra headed to the restroom, I told her “keep walking”. I was joking. Okay, it wasn’t funny, but her reaction shocked me. She quickly turned around and confronted me. Her tone and puffed-up posture indicated to me she wanted to physically fight me.”

Tamra‘s speciality is throwing drinks in your face. Ask Jeana Keough.

“Then, as usual, Heather tried to take charge and confront me…I said that I thought Heather would have a better sense of humor because she’s Jewish…”

Kelly explains further.

“…my frame of reference at the time was my Jewish family and friends (all of who have a great sense of humor), and the multitude of famous Jewish comedians and comedy writers that I love.”

However, she does apologize.

“I am sure I offended Heather and a lot of Jewish viewers and for that I am truly sorry. I meant it was a compliment, not an insult.”

The women tried to explain that Kelly was being annoying, not funny. But it seemed like a gang up. 

Tamra and Heather told me that my silly kids joke took it to another level. Tamra started saying how she was always defending me and had kept my “secrets”.  …she claimed that I told her I had looked into Heather’s finances… That was absolutely a lie. You saw my reaction. Righteous indignation!!!”

Kelly describes telling Shannon about Tamra‘s estranged daughter and Shannon running to Tamra to stir the pot.

“As I was walking with Shannon on the way to the department store, I told Shannon “no wonder her daughter doesn’t talk to her!” I thought it was a private conversation with Shannon…of course, Shannon couldn’t wait to run to Tamra in the store and tell her what I had said.”

I’m not sure Shannon did the right thing — telling Tamra at that moment. But apparently, that’s how they are. Remember Tamra spilling the tea about Shannon’s mother-in-law, Donna?

Tamra got pissed at what I had told Shannon. Tamra was in a rage and physically hit me. She is a very strong woman and she hit me hard. I was proud of myself for not striking Tamra back to defend myself. I had seen the show Locked Up Abroad and was not interested in seeing the inside of an Irish jail.”

According to Tamra, she shook Kelly’s shoulders, which is not okay but Kelly describes the incident differently. 

“I understand why Tamra was so mad at me… Regardless, there is no justification for her hitting and threatening me. The whole experience traumatized me. I was in pain and didn’t sleep well the rest of the trip.”

Heather Dubrow was scandalized…at being kicked out of a store.

“I guess in Heather’s world, saying a few harsh words is worse than violence.”

One good thing about this trip, it’s made Kelly appreciate her husband, Michael.

“…when the s*** hits the fan Michael is always there for me. Michael understood what I was going through and helped calm my nerves.”

So, who do you believe? Tamra or Kelly? Maybe all the ladies need an intervention? Drinking and being a Housewife don’t mix.


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