’90 Day Fiance’ Danielle Mullins’ Sidekick Sounds OFF — Beth Mahar Spills Tea About Mohamed Jbali

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TLC’s spinoff series, 90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After?, has been following up with several couples from the hit lookin’-for-love series, but one train wreck has stolen the show.

The drama between Danielle Mullins and Mohamed Jbali rages on — and Danielle’s trusty friend, Beth, is featured each week, as she lends an ear and offers advice to her jilted  friend. There is more to Beth than meets the eye, and she is now dishing the dirt about  her own interaction with her friend’s Tunisian husband. She offered a lengthy post on her Facebook page, and spilled the deets.

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Mohamed posted a vague message on his own Facebook page — and Beth, aka Liz Mahar, is firing back.

“Fore anyone did cause me any kind of drama since 2014 I’m letting you know that I learned the lesson,” writes Mohamed. “Now is my time defend myself against each one of you even the tv show itself.”

Beth reveals that her father is an immigration attorney, who initially offered to help Mohamed.

“Mohamed I offered you a genuine friendship in the beginning. I defended you, I got you free immigration advice because of my father, an immigration attorney in California.” Beth reveals. “As a matter of fact I am the one who pointed out the abuse clause in the immigration regulations to you.”

Beth claims that Mohamed latched onto the abuse clause nugget and ran with it.

“Funny thing though immediately after finding out about the clause you began calling the police trying to document how abused you were but you only made yourself look pathetic because in fact there wasn’t really any abuse towards you,” Beth writes.

Beth then blasts Mohamed as the alleged abuser in this scenario.

“You on the other hand verbally and psychologically abused Danielle Mullins Jbali. You referred to her as simple, stupid, smelly, crazy, weak, pathetic…The list goes on,” Beth says. “You withheld affection from her. You said to me repeatedly, ‘What did she do for me to love her?’ When I told you what about her trusting you enough to bring you to the US and pay for everything, your response was, ‘yeah that’s why I was nice to her when I first got here.’”

Beth accuses Mohamed of being a serial scammer, a con artist who has played this game before.

“Your argument that you had no experience being with a woman before Danielle may have worked except for your many dating site accounts that began surfacing which clearly showed a pattern of you attempting to scam European women for a visa into Europe first,” Beth writes. “You failed at this. Danielle was just the first woman who fell for the scam. You didn’t care who the person was you were going to latch onto whoever bit first it happened to be a lonely, older woman with kids and you didn’t care. You only had you in mind.”

Many viewers have accused Danielle of selling Mohamed a bill of goods — leading her online love to believe that there was money and the good life in America. No way, according to Danielle’s pal. Beth spills about a supposed transparency, before Mohamed made his way to the U.S.

“You were not lied to, you knew that Danielle lived paycheck to paycheck because in your attempt to “win” over her trust and heart, you sent money to Danielle to buy shoes for her daughter because she didn’t have any money to buy the shoes.”

“You’re no victim Mohamed and you are going to answer for the things that you have done. I didn’t say one untrue thing about you either on or off the show,” Beth continues. “Your “panty dripping” supporters can’t save you from yourself. Your con is well documented and nothing you do to discredit anyone else is going to negate your scam.”

Beth wraps the lengthy post — blasting Mohamed for accusing her of identity theft and credit card fraud.

“Like claiming that I participated in stealing your identity and opening credit cards in your name. Where are the credit card statements? Where are the police reports where you reported this so it could be investigated? If any of it were truthful there would be proof there would be a paper trail.”

While Danielle’s actions continue to frustrate fans, others have taken aim at Mohamed, via an online petition. The community goal is to encourage officials to boot Mohamed out of the country. The petition stands at about 1000 online supporters.

Stay tuned as social media spills the backstory of international love, and the complicated aftermath of the ugly crash and burn.


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