Jacqueline Laurita Explains Feud with Teresa and Melissa ‘The Lies & Deceit Sent Me Over The Edge’ #RHONJ

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Melissa Gorga Accuses Jacqueline Laurita Of 'Trying To Fight' Her Amid Family Drama

Jacqueline Laurita has a whole to say in the aftermath of The Real Housewives of New Jersey Vermont trip. And now, having watched what Teresa Giudice and Melissa Gorga said behind her back, she’s finally seen the light.

“I was really upset when Teresa and Melissa brought up Strippergate to me and tried to turn it around on me… I’m certainly not proud of the way I acted at dinner…I do know now that I honestly reacted out of deep hurt.”

Jacqueline feels like that dinner was set up from the beginning. Melissa had miscommunicated the situation to Teresa, and Jacqueline felt ganged up on.

“I never said it’s “Robin or me!”… I was more than willing to leave… There was also the fact that Rage Girl…has a reputation of fighting. Teresa knew that, so I’m not sure why she played dumb to that.”

I’m not sure Teresa was playing. But I digress. Jac feels that Melissa is behind the discord between her and Teresa.

“…Melissa ridiculously keeps making it so important to plant the seed that I’m so jealous of her relationship with Teresa… If that were the case I would have never even encouraged a relationship between them in the first place… My friendship with Teresa was shaken because of that.”

When Melissa refused to give Jacqueline a straight answer about Strippergate, Jacqueline went on the defensive.

“For the record, Melissa has never admitted to me that she’s had her nose done (I know through other sources)… I mentioned it because I was starting to realize what a liar Melissa is… As I looked at her, it disgusted me how easy it was for her to lie, and listening to her condescending voice annoyed me.”

Jacqueline feels completely betrayed by Melissa.

“I was angry that I let this person manipulate me for so long… I started to have the feeling that Melissa may also be the person in Teresa‘s ear causing problems between us as well…”

She also feels that Melissa used her in the family feud against Teresa.

“She used me when she needed me in so many ways. Once she got her footing on the pedestal, she pushed me off (and Kathy) without even looking back…”

That night in Vermont was an eye opener for Jac.

“I couldn’t believe that after all I did to try to help mend that family…that they would turn on me like that. The lies, the deceit, the lack of accountability and the deflection from Teresa and Melissa sent me over the edge… NO INTEGRITY AT ALL!”

Jacqueline feels foolish for believe Teresa truly wanted a reconciliation.

“…I had been trying to get myself to believe that Teresa was sincere about rebuilding our friendship of 15 years, but I started to realize that she was never sincere…”

According to Jac, Teresa has a habit of collecting people around her who will gladly carry out her orders. Soldiers, if you will.

“There is always someone there to be her voice and to do her dirty work so she can keep her hands clean. She’s always scheming and then lying, and then never taking accountability, and then blame shifting.”

Still, Jac feels grief over her fractured relationship with Teresa.

“I…never wanted anything from her than just to be a friend and for her to be real with me. Unfortunately, I learned on that trip that she is incapable of having that relationship with anybody.”

When Teresa and Melissa created a united front, it was the final straw.

Teresa saying she wasn’t involved in Strippergate or any other Melissa set up? Lie! Teresa saying she never hated Melissa or ever said anything bad about her? Lie! So who exactly was it that said Melissa was a lying, cheating, manipulating, gold-digging stripper who would leave her husband for a richer man? Refresh my memory.”

Joe also got a few digs in after Jacqueline left. He was upset that Jac called Teresa a criminal. The nerve, right?

“I guess him calling his own sister “garbage” and “scum” is better? Got it!”

Then Teresa had the gall to bring up Danielle Staub, painting Jacqueline as a bully.

“She is the one who flipped a table on her, instigated a fight with her, and chased her out of the country club.”

Jacqueline is a scrappy fighter. When she’s hurt, she comes out swinging.

“Am I the girl who sits there when I’m challenged? Hell to the no! If Melissa actually had the guts to “break my finger” like she threatened me, I would have beat her with the other four.”

Does Jacqueline have a point? Was the whole dinner a setup? Tell us what you think.


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